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Name: Michael Raden                                                   

Major: MIS and Marketing

Favorite thing about GV: The beautiful campus, the people, and things to get involved in. 

Celebrity Crushes: Jennifer Aniston and Ryan Tedder

Hobbies: Fishing, photography, movies, concerts, any sport





Name: Kayla Pollard    

Major: Spanish, Advertising, and Public Relations      

Favorite thing about GV: the great Laker Community!

Celebrity Crushes: Ryan Reynolds

Hobbies: I enjoy baking, traveling, meeting new people, and exercising





Name: Lindsay Garascia     

Major: Supply Chain Management                                

Favorite thing about GV: Campus in the fall

Celebrity Crushes: Taylor Kitsch and Blake Lively

Hobbies: Working out, eating, reading, shopping





Name: Vicki Fajardo                                            

Major: Physical Education                               

Favorite thing about GV: How polite everyone is! People hold doors and say thank you!

Celebrity Crushes: Theo James and Zoe Saldana

Hobbies: Riding my bike, Netflix, playing soccer






Name: Chelsea Chritz     

Major: Special Education         

Favorite thing about GV: The beauty!

Celebrity Crushes: Jennifer Lawrence and Sam Claflin

Hobbies: Playing sports, playing board games, watching movies, watching sports, shopping, crafts





Name: Trevor Vander Klok                                           

Major: Undecided        

Favorite thing about GV: All the caring people

Celebrity Crushes: John Stamos and Caroline Wozniacki

Hobbies: Tennis, golf, putt putt





Name: Claire Berlin                                           

Major: Biology        

Favorite thing about GV: The campus

Celebrity Crushes: Robert Downey Jr. and Kristen Bell

Hobbies: Reading and Netflix


Name: Joy Mullins                                          

Major: CSAT/Special Education        

Favorite thing about GV: The many organizations we have

Celebrity Crushes: Zac Efron and Carrie Underwood

Hobbies: Hanging out with my sorority sisters, shopping, movie watching


Name: Maddie Rich                                      

Major: Marketing       

Favorite thing about GV: The perfect size

Celebrity Crushes: Ed Westwick and Audrey Hepburn

Hobbies: Eating, reading, talking, going to Target, writing






Name: Shannon Kaus                                      

Major: Public Relations      

Favorite thing about GV: The friendly atmosphere

Celebrity Crushes: Lauren Conrad and Matthew McConaughey

Hobbies: Running, movie nights, and online shopping


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