Exercise Science

Exercise Science Students

Internship in Exercise Science – MOV 490

6, 9 or 12 credits
Pre-requisite MOV 475 and Health Compliance Complete
Registration Permit Required
Internship Manual
Approved Internship Sites updated 3/28/14

Fall 2013 Internship Meeting Notes


Upcoming Internship Deadlines:

Winter Internship

  • Deadline to secure site: November 1st

Spring/Summer Internship

  • Deadline to secure site: March 1st 

Fall Internship

  • Deadline to secure site: July 1st
The Internship experience is intended to be the last course completed in the major but can be taken with MOV 495 if necessary. The student chooses to register for 6, 9 or 12 credits based on their need. Six credits requires 300 hours, 9 credits requires 450 hours and 12 credits requires 600 hours to be completed during the semester. This on site work experience at a health, fitness, wellness or clinical facility needs approval by Professor Peddie no later than 10 weeks prior to the start of the internship experience. The student is required to locate a site of their interest for their experiences or participate in a supervised research endeavor with a GVSU faculty member. The site of interest must be approved by Professor Peddie via e-mail or office appointment. Provided above Internship Opportunities to aide in your search. Additionally, you will need to download the internship manual and read before contacting potential sites. The student is not limited to these sites and can pursue other experiences as long as approval is given by Professor Peddie.

You should begin your search for an internship no later than one semester prior to your anticipated experience. It is highly recommended that you start 2 semesters prior. Make sure to share the course objectives as well as expectations outlined in the internship manual with sites as you begin to contact them. Make sure to treat this process as a very formal job search by sending your resume and cover letter to organizations you are interested in. 

Course Objectives:

1.    To provide the student real world experience under the supervision of a qualified Movement Science professional.

2.    To enhance the student’s development of the knowledge, skills and abilities of a Movement Science professional.

3.    To develop the professional, leadership and personal skills essential to success in the Movement Science field.

4.    To provide the student work experiences that will enhance their success when entering the job market.

Health Compliance Requirements:

  All exercise science majors are required to complete health compliance requirements prior to registering and starting their internship. The exercise science student will be enrolled in the health compliance system at least 2 weeks before the start of their MOV 475 semester. The health compliance requirements are to be completed during the student’s MOV 475 semester. The student will be required to attend a health compliance meeting at the start of their MOV 475 semester. During this meeting details of the requirements, including deadlines, testing procedures and screening protocols will be reviewed.

Health Compliance Requirements:

1.  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - CPR/First Aid
2.  Physical Exam and Immunizations Form
3.  Criminal Background Check
4.  Drug Screen
5.  Tuberculosis Screening
6.  Annual Tuberculosis and Infection Control Training
7.  Annual HIPAA Training
8.  Annual Bloodborne Pathogens Training
9.  Student Authorization to Receive and Release Information


Internship Descriptions:

Below are some internship descriptions, a comprehensive list of approved sites is found above or here Approved Internship Sites

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital   Spring/Summer 2014 applications accepted through January 31, 2014

University of Notre Dame Strength & Conditioning Internship

The McCahill Group - Corporate Health & Wellness

YMCA DDH Community Outreach

FitKids 360

Metro Health Community Health & Wellness

MSU SNAPP   Spring/Summer 2014 applications accepted through January 31, 2014

Holland Home

U of M Cardiovascular Medicine at Dominos Farms


Exercise Science Career & Internship Expo

Date: Friday, April 18, 2014
Time: 10:300am - 1:00pm
Location: Grand River Room, Kirkhof
Employer Panel
Date: Friday, April 18, 2014
Time: 11:30am-12:30pm
Location: Pere Marquette Room, Kirkhof
This event is for all exercise science students (freshman-seniors) who wish to learn more about internship experiences and career opportunities in fitness, wellness, pulmonary & cardiac rehab and sport performance. This event will allow you to network with employers that offer internships. Come learn about the programs worksites have to offer. Students will also learn first-hand from current GVSU seniors completing internships in exercise science! 


Fieldwork in Exercise Science - MOV 475

2 credits
  • Winter Fieldwork Deadline: December 1st
  • Spring Fieldwork Deadline: April 1st
  • Fall Fieldwork Deadline:  August 1st
Pre-requisite: MOV 420

Fieldwork Agreement
Must be signed and returned to Professor Crawley before starting fieldwork

Fall 2013 Fieldwork Meeting Notes
Fieldwork Opportunities updated 3/19/14

This experience based course is designed to give students an opportunity to study an area in which they have developed an interest, as well as apply knowledge already learned. Experiences will involve research or field based work of human performance capacities utilizing modern techniques of measurement for dynamic assessment of biomechanical, physiological, pulmonary, cardiovascular, and metabolic parameters.  Fieldwork will involve exposure to mentors in fitness, wellness, or clinical-based worksites.

The student is required to locate a site of their interest for their experiences or participate in a supervised research endeavor with a GVSU faculty member. The site of interest must be approved by Professor Crawley via e-mail or office appointment, prior to the start of the semester.  Provided is a list of Fieldwork Opportunities to aide in your search. The student is not limited to these sites and can pursue other experiences as long as approval is given by Professor Crawley. Students are required to complete at least 112 hours of volunteer time at their site during the semester (8 hours per week for 14 weeks). Spring Semester (6 weeks) requires 19 hours per week. 

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find a site?
Review the fieldwork site list above, determine your area of interest. Next, send an e-mail (attach a resume & cover letter), make a phone call and or make a visit to the site.
What do I say/write when contacting the site?
Reply with: "I am interested in volunteering/job shadowing with your organization". "My major in Exercise Science requires I complete 8 hours per week over the course of the semester, for a total of 112 hours". "Do you have any opening during the XXX semester"? " I would appreciate you considering me for an interview".

In your communication with the site it will also be important for you to explain your reason for choosing the site (want to learn more about a field you plan to enter upon graduation  or you are exploring career options and this site piques your interest etc). Finally, you should know your schedule and availability and explain how you can assist and benefit their organization when volunteering.


Course Substitutions

Health-Fitness Instruction

  • No substitutions within the major.


Clinical Exercise Science

  • No substitutions within the foundation courses of the major.

  • All substitutions for BMS 306 and BMS 415 must be discussed with your academic advisor prior to taking the courses.

  • Currently, BMS 306 (Advanced Human Nutrition) and BMS 415 (Nutrition and Physical Performance) are required for this emphasis area; we are in the process of creating a selective/elective list to give students some choice in their program. Until the program change goes through, the following courses can be used instead of BMS 306 and BMS 415:

    • BIO 355 – Human Genetics

      • Pre-req is BIO 120 or 103

    • BMS 310 – Basic Pathophysiology

      • Pre-req’s are BMS 212, BMS 290 or BMS 291

    • BMS 311 – Pharmacological Aspects of Biomedical Science

      • Pre-req is BMS 310

    • BMS 375 – Biology of Aging

      • Pre-req’s are SOC 388 and BMS 202 or BMS 208 and BMS 290

    • MOV 201–Psycho-social Aspects

    • MOV 310 – Motor Skill Development

    • MOV 460–Advanced Strength in Conditioning

      • This can be substituted for the BMS courses, but cannot be used for fieldwork.

    • PSY 364– Life Span Development

      • Pre-req is PSY 101

    • RIE 341 Section 2– ECG

      • Sections 2 is for Movement Science Students

      • Susan Raaymakers in Radiology handles overrides

      • This is a 2 credit class

    • SOC 356–Sociology of Health Care

    • SOC 384–Sociology of Drug Use

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