MOV 475 Fieldwork

This experience-based course is designed to give students an opportunity to study an area in which they have developed an interest, as well as apply knowledge already learned.
Experiences will involve research or field-based work of human performance capacities utilizing modern techniques of measurement for dynamic assessment of biomechanical, physiological, pulmonary, cardiovascular, and metabolic parameters.  Fieldwork will involve exposure to mentors in fitness, wellness, or clinical-based worksites. 
The student is required to locate a site of their interest for their experiences or participate in a supervised research endeavor with a GVSU faculty member. The site of interest must be approved by Professor De Sousa via e-mail or office appointment, prior to the start of the semester.  The student is not limited to the listed sites and can pursue other experiences as long as approval is given by Professor De Sousa.
Students are required to complete at least 112 hours of volunteer time at their site during the fall and winter semester (8 hours per week for 14 weeks), and spring semester (19 hours per week for 6 weeks).


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