Faculty Governance

Faculty Personnel Policy Committee (FPPC)

The Faculty Personnel Policy Committee (FPPC), established in April 1986, has the responsibility to review faculty personnel policy matters that extend beyond the colleges, and make appropriate recommendations to the ECS. 

2013-2014 Faculty Personnel Policy Committee Members

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 
    Gabriela Pozzi (MLL) (2015)
    Chuck Norris (MUS) (2014)
   Kathryn Stieler (MUS) (2016)
   Vacant (2016)

Seidman College of Business
   Marie McKendall (2016) CHAIR

College of Community and Public Service
   Christopher Kierkus (CJ) (2015)

College of Education 
    Jay Cooper (2014)

Padnos College of Engineering and Computing
   Paul Jorgenson (2015)

College of Health Professions 
   Dan Vaughn (2015)

Kirkhof College of Nursing
    Andrea Bostrom (2015)

Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies
    Judy Whipps (2014)

University Libraries
    Linda Masselink (2014)

Provost or designee (ex officio)
      Jon Jellema
Human Resources Representative
     Scott Richardson
Student Senate Representative

Faculty Membership:  Faculty membership of the FPPC consists of four faculty members from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), one from each of the remaining colleges, and one from the University Libraries.   College representatives must be tenured. If none of the elected members has experience serving on a college personnel committee, the Chair of FPPC, in consultation with ECS, shall appoint one.    If this group does not include at least one representative of a minority group, and one representative from each gender, the ECS will appoint additional members to ensure representation of these groups. The Associate Vice President for Human Resources and the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs shall serve as non-voting members of the committee.

Term:  Faculty members serve three-year staggered terms beginning at the end of the winter semester.  Appointed members shall serve one-year renewable terms.

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