Faculty Governance

Faculty Salary and Budget Committee (FSBC)

Established in April 1983, the Faculty Salary and Budget Committee (FSBC) studies pertinent data and makes recommendations on the allocation of funds within the university budget as a whole as well as within the budgets of the various administrative divisions. It also makes recommendations regarding other budgetary items, compensation, and faculty security, including health benefits.


2013-2014 Faculty Salary & Budget Committee Members

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 
    Lawrence Burns (PSY) (2015) 
    Gretchen Galbraith (HST) (2014) sab. rep W'14 A. Baxter

    Steve Glass (MOV) (2016)
    Robert Hollister (BIO) (2015) Chair
Nancy Mack (MOV) (2016)

    Paul Stephenson (STA) (2015)
    Patrick Thorpe (BIO)(2014)

Seidman College of Business
    Gregg Dimkoff (2014)  
    Mike Yuhas (2015) sab. rep W'14 P. Sopariwala

College of Community and Public Service
    Brian Johnson (2014)

College of Education 
    Marty Abramson (2014)

Padnos College of Engineering and Computing
    Zachary Kurmas (2015)   

College of Health Professions 
    Teresa Beck (2015)  

Kirkhof College of Nursing
    Lori Houghton-Rahrig (2015) (alt. S. Mlynarczyk)

Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies
    Julia Mason (2015)

University Libraries
    Pat Bravender  (2014)

Provost or designee (ex officio)
      Joe Godwin

Student Senate Representative


*Composition: The FSBC is composed of seven faculty members from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, two from the Seidman College of Business, one from each of the remaining colleges, and one from the University Libraries.  One student representative selected by the Student Senate.  The Provost (or designee) ex officio, non-voting.

Term: Three year terms for faculty representatives beginning at the end of winter semester; staggered for those from colleges with two or more members.   Student term is for one year.

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