Supporting Grand Valley in times of need



Greg Goodwin is a proud Laker parent. Two of his children chose to attend Grand Valley and they have not looked back since. After seeing how much his children loved being at this university, Greg decided to get closer to the Laker family and join the Family Association Advisory Committee.

“Being on the advisory committee, I feel closer to GVSU,” Greg said. “The atmosphere at the university, and especially in the Family Association, is very family-oriented and they make each family feel a part of Grand Valley.”

Not only does Greg support Grand Valley through participating on the Family Association Advisory Committee, he also supports the university by giving back. Greg understands the importance of giving to Grand Valley.

“Michigan has been hit hard by the recession, resulting in cuts to funding for education,” Greg said. “It is important to recognize the hard times Grand Valley is facing and support the university by giving back.”

Greg understands the family dynamic and believes in helping his Grand Valley family by supporting the university and its students, especially in a time of need. He does not want to see anyone get left behind or miss out on an opportunity.

“The cost of school is rising and students are having a harder time paying for college. By supporting Grand Valley, we are helping the students receive a top-notch education and achieve their dreams.”