Students responsibilities for on-campus housing



Kristen Evans is an occupancy and assignment manager with Grand Valley’s Housing and Resident Life office. She works with new and returning students who are making on-campus housing preparations for the school year and helps make the transition process as smooth as possible.

Evans has heard many clichés about resident life on campus but says that she’s heard a few that have truth to them. 

“’Prevention is important’ is the first cliché,” Evans said. “You can’t live with someone for nine months without having conflicts.”

Evans says that it’s important for students to communicate with their roommates before problems arise especially when it comes to guests. Guests are allowed to stay two consecutive nights with permission from each resident, however problems frequently occur. Evans says that roommate conflicts are the number one issue faced by residents and that the first step in finding a solution is to communicate.

“Another cliché I often hear is: ‘the early bird gets the worm’,” Evans said.

Evans explained that residents are responsible for their housing and it’s up to them to stay in touch with Grand Valley for updates on housing. Freshmen are encouraged to live on campus and are given priority for on campus housing but after their first year students need to be proactive in making their housing selection.

Evans has been working with Housing and Resident Life for six years and says that patience is a necessity for both the student and the family when making housing decisions. 

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