Taking the next step as a Grand Valley parent



Lisa Kulesza is a Laker mom. All three of her children chose to attend Grand Valley State University, and she couldn’t be more proud. Kulesza enjoys being a Grand Valley parent so much, she decided to take her involvement a step further.

“Being a Grand Valley parent has been a great experience, so that’s why I decided to join the Family Association Advisory Committee,” she said. “I’ve found that it is a great way to have a say in what goes on at the university.”

In addition to representing Grand Valley parents as a committee member, Kulesza and her husband, Greg, support the university by giving back. According to Kulesza, after her oldest son received the Grand Valley Presidential Scholarship, which covered almost all of his tuition, she and Greg decided to begin to give back because the university had been so generous with the scholarship. The Kuleszas also felt as though Grand Valley provided the perfect learning environment for their kids.

“Grand Valley has a very personal touch. At other colleges and universities you feel more like a number,” she said. “Even though Grand Valley is growing, I still feel as though it’s smaller, safer, and more beautiful than most other campuses. I’m very happy with the education that my kids have received and I really enjoy visiting the campus.”

Kulesza recognizes that in order for Grand Valley to continue to grow, the younger generation may still need some help from their parents.

“Being on the Family Association Advisory Committee, I can see that Grand Valley is headed in the right direction. But it’s important to keep building up the programs. Even a little gift will make a difference; it will help our children find something they’re passionate about and give them a reason to care about it.”