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Toni Perrine

Toni Perrine
Associate Director, School of Communications

Toni Perrine is a film scholar who has been teaching at Grand Valley State University since 1989.  Her areas of expertise include film history and theory with a particular interest in cultural theory, world cinema, especially the cinema of Latin America, and documentary film. Professor Perrine has also produced several documentary films including Grass War! Peasant Struggle in Brazil distributed by Cinema Guild.

Professor Perrine regularly presents her work at academic conferences including the Society for Cinema and Media Studies and the University Film and Video Association. Her book, Film and the Nuclear Age: Representing Cultural Anxiety, was published by Garland Press. Her current work is on representations of nuclear terrorism in American film.

Ph.D. Film Studies: Northwestern University

MA, Telecommunications Arts: University of Michigan

BA, English and History: University of Michigan

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