Faculty and Staff Sketches

November 24, 2014


In the News

Kim Kenward, instructional designer, Justin Melick, digital media developer, and Rosemary Cleveland, affiliate instructor of education, were interviewed by University Business Magazine for a story about the Blackboard system.


Dr. Haas

President Thomas J. Haas, right, is pictured with Julius Weinberg, vice chancellor of Kingston University in London. The university awarded Haas a doctor of science degree and Haas addressed Kingston graduates at their ceremony on November 14.

Elizabeth Psyck, liaison librarian, gave a presentation, “Data for Librarians. Conversation Starter,” at  the American Library Association annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mary O’Kelly, head of instructional services for University Libraries, gave presentations, “A Reflective Process for Communicating the Value of Academic Library Instruction,” at the Northwoods Library Symposium in Marquette, and “Instruction Program Evaluation: A Refined Process for Gathering Data and Communicating Value,” at the Michigan Library Association Academic Libraries Conference in East Lansing.

Kelly James Clark, visiting professor of religious studies, wrote chapters, “Knowledge and the Objection to Religious Belief from Cognitive Science,” in The Roots of Religion: Exploring the Cognitive Science of Religion, published by Ashgate, and “Atheism and Analytic Thinking,” in The Science and Religion Dialogue: Past and Future, published by Lang, and a number of blogs for the Huffington Post, including “Islamophobia Ripped From the Headlines.”

Debbie Morrow, liaison librarian, gave a presentation, “Anatomy of an Instruction Plan: Information Literacy, ABET Lifelong Learning and the Engineering Curriculum,” at the American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Elizabeth Martin, head of professional programs for University Libraries, gave a presentation, “Impostor Phenomenon Alive and Well in Library Managers,” at the Michigan Library Association Academic Libraries Conference in East Lansing.

Cindy Laug, administrative assistant for CLAS Dean’s Office, gave presentations, “Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon,” at the Holland Historical Society, Owashtanong Islands Audubon Society, and the Great Lakes Avicultural Society.

Takeelia Garrett-Lynn, assistant director for housing, and Eric Klingensmith, assistant director of the Counseling Center, gave a webinar, “24/7 Emergencies: Risk Management After Hours,” for Paperclip Communications.

Rita Kohrman, liaison librarian, gave a presentation, “Current State of CMCs in the State of Michigan,” at the Education and Curriculum Interest Group Annual Workshop in Rochester.

Richard Hiskes, professor of political science, honors, gave a keynote address, “Human Dignity and the Intergenerational Promise of Environmental Human Rights,” at a European Science Foundation Conference in the Netherlands.

Marlen Vavrikova, associate professor of music and dance, and Karen Gipson, professor of physics, gave a presentation with a student, “A Harmonic Analysis of Oboe Reeds,” at the Acoustical Society of America conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.   

Matt Reidsma, web services librarian, gave presentation, “Holistic UX: Harness Your Library’s Data Fetish to Solve the Right Problems,” at the Library Technology Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota; and “Responsive Web Design for Libraries,” at the American Library Association Techsource in Chicago, Illinois.

Jason Crouthamel, associate professor of history, gave an invited talk, “’Wir brauchen ganze Männer’: Sexualität im Deutschen Heer während des Ersten Weltkriegs,” at a symposium on gender and the First World War at the University of Berlin/Humboldt University.

GraceCoolidge, professor of history, served as editor of a collected volume, The Formation of the Child in Early Modern Spain, published by Ashgate.

Social work faculty Elaine Schott and Robin Smith Colton gave a presentation, “Social Stressors, Cultures, and Assessment Strategies with Culturally Diverse Students,” at the Michigan Association of School Social Workers Conference in Acme.

Steven Lipnicki, assistant dean of students, gave a presentation, “Partnering Between Student Affairs, Career Services and Employers for Student Growth, Mentoring, and Motivation,” at the NASPA Regional Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Dawn De Vries, assistant professor of therapeutic recreation, received a grant from the Recreational Therapy Foundation for a project, “Kick and Cook-a-Palooza.”

Hermann Kurthen, professor of sociology, wrote an article, “What Influences College Classrooom Interaction?” published in The International Journal of Assessment and Evaluation.

Karen Zivi, associate professor of political science, was selected to attend the Global School on Socio-Economic Rights Course: Sexual and Reproductive Rights Litigation at Harvard University. She wrote an article, “Performing the Nation: Contesting Same-Sex Marriage Rights in the United States,” published in the Journal of Human Rights.