Justin Melick, Digital Media Developer

Justin Melick, digital media developer, uses knowledge from his undergraduate and graduate careers at Grand Valley to create digital content for faculty members in the College of Education.

Melick earned a bachelor’s degree in group social studies with a minor in political science in 2012, and a master’s degree in educational technology in 2014.

During his master’s program, Melick worked as a teaching technology specialist graduate assistant for the College of Education, which led him to his current position. 

“Being a graduate assistant made my degree much more valuable,” Melick said. “It gave me good first-hand experience doing a lot of what I do now.”

In his position he creates interactive modules, video and other types of digital content for faculty members to integrate in their courses. Melick said he is excited to be in this growing area of work.

“Online and hybrid studies are my area of interest,” Melick said. “Grand Valley is growing quickly in that area. I’m excited to see that growth happen and to help make sure that quality of content is a priority.”

While he spends a majority of his time developing modules for faculty, Melick has also been working to create a lightboard. This innovation will allow faculty members who create videos to be able to show their content while still being able to be on camera and connect directly with their students.

In his free time, Melick enjoys working weekends in the summer as an Indycar official and traveling to historical places.

Justin Melick

Justin Melick