Featured Pew FTLC Grant

The Writing Department received a Pew Scholar Teacher grant to pilot the use of an e-portfolio web application built by department chair, Dan Royer, to ultimately manage the 1,700 WRT-150 student portfolios that are submitted at the end of each semester. Professors Mary Lotz, Dauvan Mulally, Amy Norkus, and Julie White are using the application on iPads to learn and improve its functionality, to reflect on and document how the technology can change the portfolio process, and also to test how the technology supports e-comments on student writing throughout the semester. After Fall 2012 semester, they have reported that this new web application worked quite well. 

Promoting a scholarly approach to teaching and learning, 
supporting reflection on professional practice, encouraging 
growth at all career stages, and rewarding innovation in teaching.







Page last modified July 2, 2014