General Education Program

GEC Members 2013-14

MEMBERS of General Education Committee 2013-2014

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
   Kirk Anderson [STA] (2014)
   Roger Gilles [WRT] (2014) 
   Gary Greer [BIO] (2014)
   Melba Hoffer [COM] (2014)
   Brian Kipp [BMS] (2015)
   José Lara [MLL] (2016)
   Alexey Nikitin [BIO] (2016)
   Keith Rhodes [WRT] (2015) (Chair)
   David Vessey [PHI] (2015) 

Seidman College of Business
   Paul Sicilian [ECO] (2016) (on sabbatical W14)
   Laudo Ogura [ECO] 

College of Community & Public Service
   Paola Leon [SW] (2016)

College of Education
   Susan Carson (2014)

Padnos College of Engineering & Computing
   Jagadeesh Nandigam (2015)

College of Health Professions
   Martina Reinhold (2016)

Kirkhof College of Nursing
   Karen Burritt (2015)

Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies

University Libraries
   Emily Frigo (2015)

Student Senate
  Scott St. Louis

Administration (Provost or designee)
 Maria Cimitile

C. "Griff" Griffin, Director, General Education

*Composition: Faculty membership of the GEC consists of nine members from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, one from each of the remaining colleges, and one from the library.  The student representative is selected by the Student Senate. The Provost or designee is ex officio, non-voting.

Term: Three years, staggered for those colleges with two or more representatives, beginning at the end of the winter semester. The student representative term is one year.

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