Geography and Planning

Why Geography? Why Planning?

I got a GIS Assistant internship and later became a Community Planner with the same firm. GIS is a highly marketable skill in a growing (and lucrative) field. It is the one thing you can turn to your parents and say, "this is how I plan to get a job after college with a geography degree." You should always walk away from college with at least one hard technical skill, I think.
- Kendall Gilbert, 2012 graduate


Geography is about understanding people and the environment, space, place, and patterns--and understanding processes over space and time. It is the most international area of study and the original "global study." Geographers study where phenomena are located, how they got there, where they are going in the future, and why.

The Geography major at GVSU is very research-oriented and provides the student with the hard skills and content knowledge necessary to get a well-paying and rewarding job with the B.S. degree. Our majors are very competitive for admission to graduate school and have a competitive edge for paid graduate research assistantships.

Urban Planning combines skills and content from geography and other physical and social sciences to develop policies and land use designs that help communities manage the built and natural environment.

Our planning courses explore "best practices" around the world in transportation infrastructure, main street revitalization, watershed protection, fair housing opportunities and more.

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