GIS Certificate

Coordinator: Dr. Wagendorp, AICP, GISP.
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The certificate in GIS (13 hours minimum) provides relevant and emerging technical skills for professional career advancement with immediate applications in the workplace.

The program is designed for students from traditional science programs seeking technical skills necessary for career opportunities in the private or governmental sectors, and practitioners in environmental resource management, urban and regional planning, geography, health sciences, law enforcement, local government, facilities management, and other related fields. Entry and intermediate-level GIS users who lack formal education in GIS will find it attractive and beneficial because of the practical and applied nature of the courses taught.

Career Opportunities

GIS is becoming a widely available and affordable technology, and is increasingly used by corporations, governmental agencies, private enterprises, and nonprofit organizations. In such agencies there is a strong need for persons skilled in data acquisition, management, interpretation, integration, analysis, representation, and graphic display. GIS technology is efficient and fits well with the changing structure of the work environment.

Requirements for a Certificate in GIS Students are required to complete a minimum of 13 credit hours. A maximum of six credits can be transferred from an outside institution subject to course content approval. Completion of courses in the student's plan of study will result in award of the certificate in GIS. This shall be noted on the student's official university transcript. In addition, the student will receive a "certificate" from the university. certification form Required Courses GPY 200 - Computer Cartography Credits: 3 GPY 307 - Introduction to Computer Mapping/Geographic Information Systems Credits: 3 GPY 407 - Advanced GIS Credits: 4 Electives GPY/MKT 365 - GIS for Economic & Business Geography Credits: 3 GPY 370 - Introduction to Remote Sensing Credits: 3 NRM 395 - GIS Applications in Resource Management Credits: 3 GEO 425 - GIS Applications in Geology Credits: 3 GPY 470 - Digital Image Processing Credits: 3 PA 644 - GIS in the Public Service Credits: 3 Natural Resource Management Majors pursuing the NRM Resource Analysis Methods emphasis may substitute the following for GPY 200: NRM 250 - Resource Measurement and Maps Credits: 4 NRM 395 - GIS Applications in Resource Management Credits: 3 NRM 450 - Applied Spatial Analysis of Natural Resources Credits: 3