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2015 Conference Presentations:

Ashton Applewhite- This Chair Rocks: How Ageism Warps our View of Long Life

Sok Kean Khoo & Barbara Pickut- Parkinson’s Disease: Early Detection and Mindfulness Treatment New Approaches 

Kara Hansen, Lisa Spangler, Jill Banka- Building a Better Balance Program is as Easy as 1,2..or 3

Mark Gleason, Robert Robins, Paul Stansbie- Boomers & Tourism: You Don’t Have to Stay Home 

Mary Mathieu, Suzann Ogland-Hand- Finding Balance in the Early Stages of a Dementia Disorder: Strength-Based Interventions

Marenta Klinger & Lisa Ellens-The Short Lesson on Living Long

Linda J. Keilman- The Spiritual Dimension in Aging

Chris Kurby and Jing Chen- Aging is a Mindset: How We Think about Age May Influence How We Age

Kristine M. Todd and Steven E. Brodnicki- Maintaining Functional Capacity During and Following Hospitalization to Improve Mobility

Nancy Mason & Julie Lake- Preventing Falls Through Better Balance

Elizabeth Neubig- Brain Boost or Bust

Chris Simons- Well-being through Person-Directed Care for Persons Living with Dementia

2014 Conference Presentations:

Leslie R. Martin- "Throw Your Heart into it, and the Rest Will Follow!" ;  "Throw Your Heart into… What?" 

Michael Shoemaker; John Stevenson- "Exercise and Successful Aging: Maintaining Function and Quality of Life"

Sarah Van Eerden- "Making Healthy Eating Fun"

Cynthia S Pimm- "How to Stay in the Driver's Seat of Life"

Joan Borst- “Adult Orphans: when parents die”

Carol Hendershot- "Mindfulness and Pain Management"; "Mindful Self-Care for Caregivers"; "Introducing Older Adults to Mindfulness Practices"

Steve Glass; Lindsey DesArmo- "The More You Move…The More You Live"

Joanne Feutz- "Aging in Place: AARP HomeFit Program"

Carol Robinson- "Discuss. Decide. Document: Advance Care Planning with Making Choices Michigan"

Jing Chen- "Research on Mindfulness"

Dawn DeVries- "Purposeful and Meaningful Leisure and Recreation for Senior Adults"

Andrew Farmer- "Health Care Reform"

2013 Conference Presentations:

Suzanne Filby-Clark; Laura Dobrzelewski; Julie Alicki; Martha Anderson - "Exploring Community Options TO Age In Place"

Tom Appel - "Making Your Voice Heard"

Bryan Reeder - "Fraud Target: Senior Citizens"

Suzann Ogland-Hand, PhD; Cathy Brady, LMSW; Christine Simons, CTRS; Joy Spahn, MPA - "Empowered for the Dementia Caregiver Journey"

Elaine Schott - "Vintage Status: Powered And Empowering"

Chuck Jaquith; Linda Likely; Jan Amato; Douglas Hale - "Next Step"

Jolene Moore - "Walk for Life: Speed Up Your Stride, Improve Your Health"

Julie Lake - "Senior Odyssey=Serious Play: Exercise The Brain, Challenge Your Limits, Gain Mastery, And Build Friendships"

Priscilla Kimboko, PhD - "Food Matters: Healthy Choices For The Body And Brain"

Sister Sue Tracy - "Laff Jest For The Health Of IT!"

Douglas Chung - "Buddhist Empowerment And Life Transformation"

Linda Kirpes, Lihua Huang, Alisha Cowell - "The Joys of Sex in Later Life"

2012 Conference Presentations:

Molly Mettler, MSW - "Mom, I Think We Should Talk: Preparing For the Final Transition"

Susan Jensen, PhD, MSN - Impacts of the New Health Law on Seniors

Cray Mulder, LMSW, PhD; Muthoni Imungi, PhD, LMSW; Amanda Taylor, MSW Candidate; Tim Buteyn, MSW Student and GA - Consequences for Caregivers: Dealing With Ambiguous Loss

Cynthia Beel-Bates, PhD, MSN, & Heather Wallace, PhD, MPH Candidate - Take Charge: Become Your Own Health Advocate

Gayle Ruhl, MSW - Cultural Perspective: Working With Native American Elders

Linda Kirpes, MSW - Suspecting Elder Abuse: Now What? 

Joan Borst, PhD, LMSW - Lost & Found: Grief and Loss Associated with Chronic Illness

Jing Chen, PhD, & Christopher Kurby, PhD - Improving the Mind With a Hop, Skip, and a Jump: Part 1 (Kurby) and Part 2 (Chen)

Cathy Weisbeck, PhD, MSW - Transitioning to Honor the Older Population in America (Additional Notes and References)

Paul Reitemeier, PhD - Planning Your Exit Strategy: Making the Most of Your Advanced Directive

Kim Crawford, LMSW - Learning to Live as One: The Journey of Widowhood

Iris Boettcher, MD, CMD - Dementia: What's Up?

Dianne Green-Smith, PhD, LMSW, ACSW - Spiritual Connectedness: A Mother's and Daughter's Journey

David L. Carrier, PC - Late Life Legal Scenarios: How to Preserve What You Own to Protect What You Value

2011 Conference Presentations:

Dr. Larry Lawhorne -The Modern Fountain of Youth: An Ecology of Optimal Aging

Betsy Brown - Using Plant-Based Therapies to Promote Health & Well-being

Suzan Couzens - Spirituality & Health

Muthoni Imungi - Immigrants and Refugees: Aging Issues and Challenges

Chris Kurby - Age Difference in the Understanding & Memory of Everyday Activity

Amanda Baushke - Masterpiece Living: Promoting Successful Aging in Senior Living Facilities

Paul Bennett - Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities: Great Places to Grow Old?

Tracy Booth - Eating for Health: Adapting Culture Food Choices to Healthy Food
                    Substitution Charts Handout
                    Recipe 1: Hot Mexican Bean Sauce
                    Recipe 2: Okra & Tomato

Rita LaReau - Project NICHE (Nurses Improving Care of Health Systems Elders): The SPICES TOOL

Michael Faber - Successful Aging: Overcoming Ageism and Rediscovering Life Purpose

Sue Brooks & Amanda Himes - Do You Feel What I Feel? Understanding Sensory Changes in the Aging Population

Steven Smith - Canadian Prescription Purchasing Practices and Health Care Attitudes Among Michigan Senior Center Participants

2010 Conference Presentations:

Engaging Experienced Adults in Systems Change

Use It or Lose It   - Aging Brain and It's Plasticity -

Older Adults and Intergenerational Social Support:  Lessons from International Experience

Elder Law and Late Life Financial Preparation

Housing Bureau for Seniors

Brain Health:  A Subject That Matters to Everyone

The More The Merrier: Friends and Family Enhance Well being




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