Fall 2014

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Welcome to Fraternity Recruitment!

Hello, and welcome to Grand Valley. We are excited that you have displayed interest in joining the Greek Community. The Interfraternity Council currently consists of ten member fraternities. All of these fraternities are founded on different values, yet share common beliefs that bring them together as a whole. The Interfraternity Council provides support, guidance, and structure to young men as they enter the college atmosphere. For over the past six years, the average GPA of each member in the IFC is higher than the men’s undergraduate average! The Grand Valley State University Interfraternity Council is dedicated to the advancement of fraternities and sororities on campus by representing and advocating the fraternal community in every aspect of its operation, collaborating with all University and community constituents, and providing educational opportunities for advancement of their values and image. Each IFC fraternity focuses on improving its members so that when they graduate not only did you make Grand Valley the university you want it to be, but also leave a better man! Every fraternity has a membership development program focused on developing each brother to the man they want to be and obtain the necessary skills to exceed in their future! The Interfraternity Council promotes scholarship, improving the campus and community, and living for a higher purpose than merely getting by.

I look forward to meeting you, and hope to answer any questions you may have!

Patrick Connors
Vice President of Recruitment 


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