Phi Gamma Delta


Phi Gamma Delta

GVSU Colony


Founded nationally: May 1, 1848

Founded locally: April 19, 2014

Nickname: Fiji, Phi Gam

Colors: Royal Purple

Flower: Purple Clematis

Motto: Friendship, the sweetest influence.

Mascot: Snowy White Owl


Brief history of Phi Gamma Delta:

The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta, also known as Fiji or Phi Gam, has 136 chapters and 14 colonies at the foremost colleges and universities of the United States and Canada.

Phi Gamma Delta offers much to our members through leadership development, educational programs, and lifelong friendships.

Whether you are a student on a campus, a parent or university administrator, this area will give you a sense of Phi Gamma Delta's history, scope, and, most importantly, current opportunities and benefits.


Phi Gamma Delta is dedicated to developing men of character within the academic setting, with the aim that they will become fully contributing members of society. In pursuit of this mission, the Fraternity promotes five core values: Friendship, which brings us together and is the basis of our brotherhood. Knowledge, the primary reason our members attend college and the key to a fuller, richer life. Service, in recognition of our obligation to give back to the campus and community that foster our growth. Morality, our commitment to do what is right in all our relationships. Excellence, the achievement of the full potential of the chapter and the individual members.

Our Greek Letters

Members of Phi Gamma Delta hold our Greek letters in reverence.

Therefore, we limit their display to a select number of places, such as the front of the chapter house, the fraternity flag, class rings, and the member badge. When our Fraternity is named in campus or interfraternity publications, we prefer the full spelling of Phi Gamma Delta rather than use of the Greek letters or the nickname Fiji.

President- Kyle Dinger

For more information, visit the Fiji website or the Laker Fiji facebook page.


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