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Frequently Asked Questions About Recruitment


How do I register for Fall Formal Recruitment?

Registering for recruitment is easy! The quickest way to do so is to register on line by clicking here. Our recruitment registration is only $30 and includes the cost of your t-shirt and meal during round one. The second way to register is by stopping by a recruitment table in the beginning of the school year and signing up on site. We encourage you to sign up as soon as possible so that we can get you the right t-shirt size. 

Does the Panhellenic Association have a GPA requirement for Fall Formal Recruitment? 

Panhellenic does not have a minimum GPA for joining a sorority, however, each organizations does have their own minimum membership requirements.  A good suggestion is to have at least a 2.6, which is good standing with the university. To be eligible for recruitment you must be a full time enrolled student, with at least 12 credits at GVSU. Additionally, all incoming students (first semester) are eligible for recruitment.

Are there any exceptions to the GPA requirement?

Yes. Panhellenic understands and will make exceptions for any woman who has a medically documented learning disability. We must have written documentation and verification from your high school/family physician. Although Panhellenic makes this exception, individual chapters may not make exceptions to their own grade requirements.

What are the financial obligations that I will see if I join a sorority at Grand Valley?

Each chapter at GVSU has dues that must be paid in order to stay an active member. The chapters' dues vary, but information will be provided during recruitment.

What am I getting out of all these dues and fees I pay?

Each chapter at GVSU is different in where their fees and dues go. An example of a breakdown in chapter dues may be: Social fees, national fees, one-time initiation fee, house maintenance/utility fees, individual chapter fees, etc.

If I can’t meet the financial obligations, what do I do?
The Panhellenic Association and most sororities here at GVSU have individual and financial aid opportunities offered through their local or national organizations. Interested prospective members should inquire about these opportunities during Fall Formal Recruitment.
What if I can't make it to a recruitment round or have to arrive late?
The Recruitment staff will work very hard to pass along any conflicts you may have and make the chapters aware of conflicts. The chapters are understanding of conflicts, but as recruitment is an intense process not being able to meet you makes it hard to get to know you. The more conflicts you have, the fewer chances the chapter get to meet you and the harder it is for them to make decisions.
What does it mean to “maximize my options”?
At the end of each day, you will have the opportunity to rank the chapters you visited in preference order. For each round of recruitment, you MUST rank every chapter that you have visited that day. Once you have attended the Preference round, we do not require you to rank every chapter that you have visited that night. However, if you do rank every chapter (maximize your options) we will guarantee that you will receive a bid from one of the chapters that you have ranked. For example, if you have visited two chapters that night and you rank both, you will have maximized your options. However, if you visit two chapters and only rank one of them, you have not maximized your options and Panhellenic can not guarantee you a bid from a sorority.

Will I automatically get into a chapter by the end of the week?

GVSU has a low occurrence of women who are not matched to a chapter for one reason or another. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll match to a chapter for the whole week, we encourage everyone to participate to the fullest extent possible and to maximize your options when you rank the chapters you visit.  

If I’m a legacy will I automatically get a bid from a chapter?

No. Each Prospective member starts recruitment on a level playing field. While each chapter has their own policies for recruiting legacies, they will make decisions based on their varied standards.

Will I have to live in the house as a freshman?

No. Each Panhellenic sorority has different policies on living in the house and it is appropriate to discuss these during Round Three House Tours.

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