Graduate Dean's Citations for Academic Excellence

The Graduate Dean's Citations for Academic Excellence were created to recognize outstanding academic achievement of graduate students. Awards are given to students who have completed their program or are very close to completion.

The Office of Graduate Studies began awarding the Dean's Citations in the Spring of 2006 at the first-ever Graduate Students Celebration. The ceremony is devoted exclusively to recognition of the academic excellence of graduate students during their studies at Grand Valley State University. The Graduate Student Association (GSA) co-hosts this event, which includes a reception and awards presentation.

Recognition Areas:

In the ceremony, we recognize graduate students who have demonstrated excellence in their academic careers at GVSU. The Graduate Dean's Citations for Excellence also include university-wide recognition in these areas:

1) Excellence in the Degree Program

2) Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation

3) Outstanding Master's Thesis

4) Outstanding Final Project

5) Outstanding Publication

6) Excellence in Community and Professional Service

7) Excellence in Leadership and Service to GVSU

8) Excellence in Promoting Diversity and Inclusion at GVSU

Graduate students who are graduating in the current semester are eligible for these awards.


Graduate students are nominated for these awards by their major advisors, the graduate program director, and the departmental chair or school director, and/or other faculty and staff engaged in graduate education that are familiar with the individual student's accomplishments in the specific areas noted. The nominees are reviewed by the Dean of Graduate Studies in consultation with others involved in graduate education. Final selection is made by the Graduate Dean. Each recipient is granted a certificate of recognition and a graduate honors cord.


Nomination Guidelines

Event Programs

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