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Alyssa Polso, Physical Therapy
As a second year student in the Physical Therapy program, Alyssa Polso is a coauthor on two publications and a presentation that will take place in San Diego this coming January. She assisted with literature review and data preparation and analysis for both papers. She also reviewed references and assisted with manuscript preparation. Polso and fellow Graduate Assistant Tiffany Basore will be attending the presentation with Dr. Mary Green and Dr. Michael Shoemaker in San Diego. Both students will be involved in the platform presentation on their research in direct access to physical therapy.

Ed Orloff, Physical Therapy
Ed Orloff, PT, DPT, CSCS, Dip. MDT has experienced great succes upon graduating from the Physical Therapy program at GVSU. Here is what he had to say about how his degree program prepared him for a career: "After spending 3 years at GVSU in the PT department I graduated fully prepared for my career.  I have since completed my International Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.  This involved a 4.5 year process including a semester of distance learning through the University of Otago in New Zealand, a 2.5 month residency in Austin, Tx and completing a 2 day oral examination.  There are currently less than 350 Diplomaed therapists world wide and i am the first GVSU grad to attain this status."  

Above: Ed Orloff, Pt, DPT, CSCS, Dip. MDT


Carol Robinson, Nursing
Carol Robinson, MS, RN, is currently a student in the first cohort of Doctor of Nursing Practice students. She was invited to present her simulation titled "End of Life Simulation of Therapeutic Communication and Care Using Standard Patients and a High-Fidelity Mannequin" at the 12th Annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare in San Diego, CA. Her presentation in San Diego (with Kelly Tomaszewski, MBA, BSN, and Ruth Ann Brintnall, PhD, as advisors) also won the first place national award at the Association of Standard Patients Educators in June of 2011.

Carol Robinson and Kelly Tomaszewski

Above: Carol Robinson and Kelly Tomaszewski


Michael Snider, Biology
Michael Snider is a first-year student in the MS in Biology program and was recently awarded a $5,000 Michigan Space Grant Fellowship for his research project Cyanobnacterial mat structure and function. His advisor, Dr. Bopi Biddanda of the Annis Water Resources Institute, stated Michael will be invited to present his research at the Fall 2012 MSGC Conference to be held at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

Michael is a Graduate Assistant for the AWRI in Muskegon. His project involves extensive use of PAM fluorometry (to look at photosynthesis and the physiological state of cells) and microscopy, and he is currently growing mat sample cultures. After his studies at GVSU, he would like to pursue a Doctorate program.

Above: Michael Snider conducting research on Lake Michigan.




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