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New Job Description ID Numbers

The Office of Graduate Studies is in the process of developing a new coding method for GA job description ID numbers. The old “UPN” or “unique position identifier number” will no longer be used. The new numbering system is currently in the testing phase to ensure that it is understandable and contains information that is necessary to identify specific job descriptions and their relationships to departments, colleges, and funding sources.  The new ID numbers will be assigned to existing positions as well as any new positions created.

GA Job Description Project              

Recently, hiring departments were asked to submit their existing, active GA job descriptions to the Office of Graduate Studies for a cataloging project. Justin Ott, a graduate assistant in the OGS, sifted through hundreds of such documents and created a comprehensive spreadsheet of each position, including all the elements as described in the Guidelines for Writing Graduate Assistantship Job Descriptions. The GA job description catalog will be used to identify descriptions that need further development as well as to create new ID numbers as described above.

Page last modified April 18, 2011