Graduate Studies

Presidential Research Grants

Presidential Research Grants are intended as a one-time award during a graduate student’s GVSU academic career.

Grant awards of up to $1,000 are available to support the research projects of graduate students.  Applicants must be degree seeking and in good academic standing.  The research must be tied to completion of some aspect of the applicant’s graduate degree.  Typically, these grants are intended to support research undertaken for purposes of a thesis, dissertation, or final scholarly project.

Deadline Dates for Application

October 15, for Winter Semester research
March 15, for Spring/Summer Semester research
June 15, for Fall Semester research


Instructions for Submitting a Grant Application

Cover Sheet

Presidential Research Grant Budget Guidelines

Recent Awardees

Example of Awarded Proposal

Nicholas Albrecht
Muskegon River Juvenile Steelhead Survival and Production:
Quantifying Seasonal Thermal Stress

Michael Snider
Probing the Pigments and Physiology of Modern Cyanobacterial Mats
that are Analogs of Life on Early Earth

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