Graduate Studies

TESOL Alumna to Present at International Conference


Yue Chen, a 2013 graduate of the Master of Education program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, is a first-year PhD student in Second Language/ESL at Purdue University. She has been invited to present at an international conference Symposium of Second Language Writing in China. She will present part of the findings from her Master's thesis completed at GVSU, The Underrepresented: China's Graduate Students' Voices in SLW.

She is also teaching an Introductory Composition course as part of her workload in the PhD program, along with enrollment in a full courseload.

The Symposium of Second Language Writing began in 1998 at Purdue University as a way of facilitating the advancement of knowledge in the field of L2 writing and to build a sense of community among those who are involved in L2 writing research and instruction. This year's local hosts will be the Shandong University School of Foreign Language and Literature and the National Association of EFL Writing Teaching and Research of China. The theme for the 2013 Symposium is L2 Writing in the Global Context: Represented, Underrepresented, and Unrepresented Voices.


 "I definitely owe a great deal to Grand Valley, where I started to explore the field of second language writing as a novice researcher. It is at Grand Valley that I gained a basic knowledge of reading and conducting research from the amazing professors and was helped by so many warmhearted Lakers," Chen stated.  



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