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Winter Semester Saturday Workshops Co-sponsored by PACES and GSA

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) and PACES co-sponsored two winter weekend workshops this past semester.  The first, held February 11th, was a reprise of fall semester’s successful workshop, “The Art of Interviewing,” while the second featured Dr. Bill Moore (Moore Performance Consulting) who gave a 1-day workshop, “Leading High Performance Teams,” on March 31st.  This 2nd interviewing workshop featured Tom Brown, Manager - Talent Acquisition Scouting, Fifth Third Bank, as the keynote presenter.  Tom shared his expertise in behavioral interviews, both from the perspective of the interviewer as well as the interviewee, and attendees learned strategies and techniques about how to improve their interview performance when this form of interview is used.  He also provided a lively session on social networking and demonstrated how easily anyone’s profile and data can be found using data mining software. 

This session was followed by an employer panel featuring local mid- to upper level management executives who shared their views on what makes a great interview and potential hire through the interview process.  Panelists stayed for lunch roundtable discussions with the 26 attendees.  The afternoon sessions featured Dr. Damon Arnold on how to make a lasting impression, and two sessions viewing interview performances (one taped, one filmed live) that were discussed by panelists Dr. Tom Zook (Children's Assessment Center) and John Stevenson, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.

On Saturday, March 31st, Dr. Bill Moore gave a day-long workshop on leadership skills and leading high performance teams to 22 attendees.  The unique aspect of this workshop was the use of ProScan® assessment tool results for every attendee who completed the assessment prior to the workshop.  Attendees received individualized assessment reports that were integrated into the day’s presentations.  Dr. Moore is president of Moore Performance Consulting assisting organizations, teams and individuals succeed in competitive performance environments. Over the past 20 years his clients have included CEO’s, Fortune 500 companies, universities, performing artists and elite athletes from the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Dr. Moore is regarded as a dynamic speaker and leading authority in his field. He has published five books on the psychology of team and individual performance. He brings a unique understanding of optimal performance across a wide variety of high-pressure environments. Click here to see a short video of part of Dr. Moore’s presentation:

Copies of Dr. Moore’s presentation slides can be found on the PACES website,




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