GSA Executive Board Positions


  • This is a position centered on delegation and management of the Graduate Students Association. The president exemplifies the mission of the GSA and actively represents the GSA in a multitude of forums and environments wherever necessary. In particular the President proactively seeks to resolve the concerns of the graduate student community and continually engages the Board to develop resolutions to concerns as well as recruitment and fundraising efforts.
  • The President of GSA routinely communicates with organizational advisors, the Dean of Graduate Studies, and Graduate Council.  He or she may also be called upon to meet with the President and Provost of the University in order to relay important information. The President is asked to speak at numerous events throughout the year, and advocate for graduate student life and governance at GVSU.
  • Generally the President is responsible for presiding over all meetings of the GSA and setting the agenda for Executive Board sessions. Detailed records and summaries of crucial information are kept to ensure a smooth transition between terms of office and provided to the new President upon exit of the predecessor. 

Vice President

  • Assists the President in his performing his/her duties when necessary, however should the President be absent, resign or become unfit to serve his office in any way, the Vice President shall act as President until the matter is resolved by reinstatement or election of a new candidate.
  • The Vice President has the added responsibility to work with the Executive Board in preparing a variety of efforts and initiatives to further the goals of the GSA and to enhance the experience of the graduate student community. To supplement this role, the Vice President establishes new points of contact and maintains existing relations with alumni of Grand Valley State University’s graduate programs.
  • The Vice President also acts as the Chairman of the Graduate Chamber, wherein he or she relays important information from the student body to both Graduate Council and the President of GSA.

Financial Officer

  • All proceedings dealing with budget management and allocation as well as reports on financial standings of organizations housed within or along with the GSA are the direct purview of the Financial Officer. In order to process budget requests for the organization, the Financial Officer works directly with the Office of Student Life to appropriations funds.
  • The Financial Officer also has the position of Chairman of the Graduate Funding committee to appropriately represent the interests of the GSA and the graduate student community in terms of disbursement of funds. The Graduate Funding committee works to distribute funds for each graduate organization at Grand Valley. The Financial Officer keeps records of expenditures and revenue from the GSA’s account. Ultimately, decisions concerning the budget are to be made with input and direction from the other members of the Executive Board. 

Communications Officer

  • The Communications Officer handles all internal and external GSA correspondence and is responsible for record keeping during Executive Board meetings. He/she along with the President and Vice President communicate with the Graduate Council representatives to keep them apprised of activities and/or concerns and vice versa.
  • Also the Communications Officer is engaged in data tracking, organizing materials and presenting this material to various stakeholders of the organization.

Social Media Officer

  • The Social Media Officer handles publicity of upcoming activities and events through the latest vehicles of communication, including website and social media. This position also requires the member to consistently update the graduate student community of initiative and activities of the GSA to promote interest.  The Social Media officer must be engaged with each individual graduate organization and assisting them with their promotions through GSA outlets. 

Administrative Officer

  • The Administrative Officer assists the Communication Officer with correspondence as well as all other members in whatever capacity necessary and facilitates general scheduled meetings of the GSA, formally known as GradClub. This position requires a highly active role in the recruitment and organization-building process to enhance the growth of the graduate student community and representation. 


Page last modified May 19, 2014