Graduate Student Association 

GSA Mission: The GSA strives to promote interdisciplinary communication and collaboration in order to enhance a holistic graduate student experience. By fostering the development of a graduate student community at Grand Valley State University, graduate students will develop academically, intellectually, professionally, and socially.

GSA Officers: The current GSA E-board 2014/2015.

Constitution:The GSA has a constitution. See how our organization is structured. 

GSA is a member of National Association of Graduate-Professional Students

 Reasons to Get Involved

  • Advocate for your initiatives

  • Create change at Grand Valley

  • Network with colleagues

  • Develop your professional skill set

  • Increase access to job opportunities

  • Give back to the community through service projects

  • Build your resume

  • Be an active member of the graduate student community


GSA Organizational Chart 

List of Graduate Student Organizations

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