Services and Student Resources

The Office of Graduate Studies

The Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) provides leadership and support for graduate education. It offers programming and advising to assist masters and doctoral students through transitions from prospective, to enrolled, and to graduating. It oversees graduate assistantships, including appointments and orientations. The OGS administers university policies that apply to graduate education.

Student Health Care

As a service to our students, GVSU offers an opportunity to enroll in a Student Health Insurance plan through Student Assurance Services. This plan is available to any student registered at GVSU and attending classes. Columbian Life Insurance Company underwrites the plan.

Academic Conference Fund

The Student Senate, the Provost's Office, and the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence have established a fund to support student travel to academic conferences.  The Academic Conference Fund (ACF) is available to all students, including non-traditional and graduate students, who may be looking for one time funding to present/perform at an academic conference that is related to their major, minor, and/or professional goals regardless of their affiliation with student organizations.

Padnos International Students

The Padnos International Center is committed to providing students, faculty and staff
with opportunities that deepen and broaden their global awareness and understanding. By offering a welcoming environment and developing diverse and substantive programs, we seek to build collaborative relationships that embrace liberal learning and cross-cultural understanding.

Graduate Student Hand Book

The Graduate Student Guidebook is a one-stop shop of important facts, answers to frequently asked questions, and suggestions to help graduate students navigate their way through their graduate education at GVSU.  Follow the link to open the Graduate Student Guidebook in PDF format.


Some useful links for finding housing close to the Grand Valley Campuses.

Graduate Education Resources

Useful links for your Graduate Education.

Car Pooling

Sharing a ride, or carpooling, is a great way to save money on your commute and reduce traffic congestion. Sharing the ride with just one other person can reduce your commuting costs by 50%. There are a number of ride-sharing options available to the GVSU community.

Student Discounts

Grand Valley State University students are eligible for a number of discounts at area businesses. Show your GVSU Student ID, and you're set!

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