First-year students benefit from professor's work

John Hewitt, professor of criminal justice, has done extensive work over the years, co-writing textbooks for first-year criminal justice students and students interested in the field of juvenile delinquency.

His most recent work, “Exploring Criminal Justice: The Essentials” (Jones and Bartlett Publishers: 2010) provides students with a fundamental overview of the criminal justice system and process.

The book covers theories of crime, crime statistics, criminal law, policing, the courts, the correctional system, juvenile justice, and terrorism and cyber crime.

Hewitt has taught courses on criminology, criminal and juvenile justice and juvenile delinquency for more than 40 years. “Few, if any, textbooks are “perfect” for any particular course,” said Hewitt. “Those of us who write textbooks like to think that ours are more interesting, accessible, and on the mark than the other books out there.”

Hewitt has also co-wrote “Delinquency in Society,” which he is revising for the ninth edition, and an earlier edition of “Exploring Criminal Justice.”

“I love the process and product of writing,” said Hewitt. “It is especially nice to know that students around the country are reading what I have written and are better informed about the subjects and may want to pursue the study of crime and delinquency further.”


Page last modified March 9, 2012