The Parking 411 - Faculty/Staff


  • Enforcement Hours
    • Monday Thursday: 3am to 6:30pm
    • Friday: 3am to 5pm
    • Weekends: Only specially marked spaces and overnight parking in non-residential lots are enforced
    • Non-residential lots are enforced overnight every night between 3am and 7am
  • Overnight parking
    • Overnight parking is limited to Residential lots. Vehicles are NOT allowed to park overnight in Commuter or Faculty/Staff lots. A RESIDENTIAL permit is required.
    • If your vehicle breaks down and cannot be moved overnight, the Police Department or Pew Security must be notified.
  • Meters - Costs: 25 cents for the first half hour/25 cents for each additional 12 minutes
    • Housing Meters - 30 minute limit
    • Other meters - 4 hour limit
    • Failed or Out of Order meters are a No-Park zone
  • Visitors
    • Visitors must have a permit. Please make sure you are making accommodations for your visitors prior coming to GVSU. Please visit FACULTY/STAFF PERMIT REQUESTS to secure an electronic permit for your guest. Guests may also stop into Public Safety (Allendale) or Pew Security (Pew Campus) the day of the visit.
  • Carpool, Alternative Fuel, Hybrid Parking, Reserved and Housing Spaces
    • Require a special GVSU decal in addition to their F/S permit to park in these areas.
    • See below for details
  • Handicapped Parking
    • A valid handicapped permit and a GVSU permit are required to park in Handicapped spaces on GVSUs campus.
    • If no Handicapped spaces are available, handicapped permit holders may also park at any meter (payment not required) or in reserved faculty /staff areas.
  • Motorcycles
    • Motorcycles do not require a parking permit. Motorcycles may park on the yellow hash marks at the end of parking rows. Motorcycles are NOT allowed to park in the blue Handicapped hash marks.
  • Permit Placement
    • Place your parking permit decal on the lower left side of your vehicle windshield. You may receive a citation if it is not in the proper location.
    • Faculty and Staff are limited to one permit without exception and additional permits are NOT available for purchase.
  • Temporary Permits
    • Temporary permits are available daily to Faculty and Staff with photo ID and license plate number to receive a permit at no cost (some restrictions do apply to those with outstanding citation balances).
    • Temporary permits are placed on the driver's side dashboard to left of the steering wheel. Permit dates must be visible from outside the vehicle for the permit to be valid.
  • Transferring Permits
    • Parking permits are transferrable between vehicles. The person registered is responsible for all citations incurred while the permit is displayed on a vehicle.


    In what lots may I park?

    On the Allendale Campus: Any lot marked with a Blue "F" or a Red "S"

    • Lot C and Lot C West
    • Lot D1 and D2 (NOT D3-D9)
    • Lot E (Behind the Fieldhouse)
    • Lot G (You must pay meters if you park at one)
    • Lot H
    • Lot K-East
    • Lot M
    • Lot N
    • Lot O (Only the F/S portion, not the Calder Resident spaces)

    On the Pew Campus: Any lot marked with a Blue "F" or a Red "S"

    • DeVos Lot (West of DeVos Center)
    • Mt. Vernon Lot
    • Seward Flat Lot (Across from DeVos Lot)
    • Seward Ramp
    • Eberhard Lot (West of Eberhard Center)
    • CHS Lot (Lower level of the building)
    • Lafayette Lot (Half of a block South of CHS on Lafayette St)
    • Watson Lot (Not the Pew Residential section)
    • Front Lot

    Where am I not allowed to park?

    • Meters (still require payment)
    • Service Vehicle Spaces
    • Residential Lots
    • Visitor Spaces
    • Seward Ramp
    • Any Specially Signed Spaces or Areas

    Car Pool (requires special permit decal)

    Two or more faculty or staff members who choose to car pool together on a regular basis (3+ times per week) are eligible for car pool parking. Each faculty/staff member involved is required to submit:

    • a signed memo to Pew Campus Security during normal business hours
    • bring in valid Faculty/Staff parking sticker

    Alternative Fuel (requires special permit decal)

    A faculty or staff member who drives a vehicle that utilizes an alternative fuel or energy source (i.e.  E85 ethanol, battery-powered drive trains) is eligible for alternative fuel parking. The faculty/staff member will need to provide one of the two following pieces of documentation for a vehicle that utilizes alternative power drive trains:

    • a current proof of registration for a vehicle that utilizes E85 ethanol, in addition to the current proof of registration
    • a receipt showing the purchase of E85 fuel within the last 30 days

    Those wishing to register their vehicle will also need to bring in their current Faculty/Staff parking sticker in addition to the documentation listed above.

    IMPORTANT! Unauthorized or improper use of this permit may result in employee disciplinary action. Fraudulent use of this permit will result in its confiscation, and may result in criminal penalties. Fraudulently obtaining goods or services is a crime punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of not more than $2,000.