2009 Winners and Results

TOTAL STEP AVERAGE per participant SVSU: 332,992
Total steps-47,617,871
Number of participants-143
Number of teams-48
TOTAL STEP AVERAGE per participant GVSU: 438,086
Total steps-108,645,452
Number of participants-248
Number of teams-62


Category I Top Finishers:
1st Place
Full of Energy-Facilities Planning
3303261 steps, a total of 1651 miles!
2nd  Place
Step Kids-Campus Dining
3279428 steps, a total of 1639 miles!
Third Place
Kirkhof Queens-Campus Dining
3226026 steps, a total of 1613 miles!
Category II Top Finishers:
1st Place
Just Short of Almost-Facilities Services
4,445,929 steps = 2223 miles!
2nd Place
Campus Dining Back in Action
3,621,978 steps = 1811 miles!
3rd Place
Global Gaiters-Padnos International Center
2,933,694 steps= 1467 miles!
Most Creative Team Name
Duh Agony of Duh Feet-Financial Aid
Department with the Highest Step Average
Facilities Planning
1,222,482 step average!
Full of Energy, 1st Place Category I
Christopher Jeffries, Jeff Marcinkowski, Ken Haskin, and Terry Pahl.

Step Kids, 2nd Place Category I
Mark Becker, Charles Brown, Molly Carmer, and James Phillips.

Campus Dining Back in Action, 2nd Place Category II
Terry Bailey, Barb Buchanan, Nancy Haskin, and Tammie Luce.


Global Gaiters 3rd place Category II
Chris Borda, Jackie MacGeorge, Mark Schaub, and Vicki Wenger.

Most Creative Team Name (Duh Agony of Duh Feet)
Sheila Klemm , Maureen McElroy, Chris Scott, and Lorna Siler.

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