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Additional Benefits

Other benefits include:

  • Social Security Coverage - The University contributes 6.2% of your social security while 6.2% is also deducted from your paycheck.  The 7.65% is the combined amount for FICA and MQFE taxes.
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • A leave of absence without pay may be granted to a Faculty or Staff member for personal reasons for a period of up to six (6) months. The Family and Medical Leave Act will be followed in approving a Leave of Absence. Leaves of Absence can be taken for both professional and personal reasons.
  • At the beginning of every academic year each Faculty/Staff member will be issued a FREE parking sticker which indicates which lot(s) they are able to park in. Once this sticker is obtained the parking is absolutely FREE. If you should join the university in the middle of the year you will be issued one then.

GVSU Campus Health Center is conveniently located at 10383 A 42nd Ave. Suite A, Allendale, MI 49401 . Faculty and Staff who are insured under the GVSU Standard PPO can utilize the Health Center for the cost of an office visit copay .This information regarding your benefits is not intended to replace contracts or the Grand Valley State University Administrative Manual or Procedures Manual.

If you have questions regarding your benefits you may contact the benefits office at (616)331-2220, send your questions by email to , or visit our home page .

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