Jump Start to Fitness

Jump Start to Fitness
Make the jump to living a healthier and fit life! This beginner level class consists of a small group led through fitness education and activities by qualified trainers who will meet you at your readiness level. Participants can expect pre and post fitness assessments, goal setting and guided workouts. Class is limited to 8 participants.

Participants sign up for a primary session, but if you have to miss a day, you can make up classes at either location.


Session I: January 15-March 5
Session II: March 12-April 30

Wednesdays 1-1:45pm Allendale Fieldhouse 30

Register online at  www.gvsu.edu/seminar

Cost: $26 for the entire 8 weeks! Upon successful completion* of the class participants will receive  payment back!

Detailed class schedule

*Successful completion means missing no more than 2 classes. Forms are available to “make up” up to two classes during the session.

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