Healthy Challenges

A variety of healthy challenges run throughout the year for faculty and staff. Choose to participate in individual and/or team activities to earn extra motivation and win prizes!

Pedometer Challenge (October 8-November 19) The Pedometer Challenge is a 6-week fitness competition open to GVSU faculty and staff that allows participants to compete by tracking pedometer steps as an individual or as part of a team. The challenge is designed for participants of all fitness levels. We'll provide you with the tools and resources to easily set goals, track your progress and motivate a team. Prizes are awarded for teams who earn the most steps and reach set goals. NEW pedometers are provided to all participants! TEAMS TRACK YOUR STEPS HERE.

Hold it for the Holidays Weigh in and win! Faculty and staff are challenged to maintain their weight during the holiday season November 17 through January 16. Participants who successfully complete the challenge have the opportunity to win their money back by splitting the registration fees collected. Weigh in's begin the week of November 17th on GVSU campuses. Click here for full details.

12 Healthy Habits: 2014 Challenge
Forget the grandiose, impossible New Year's resolutions: The path to a healthier lifestyle begins one little habit at a time. Welcome to the Cooking Light 12 Healthy Habits program. Each month this year focuses on one healthy practice that you're probably already doing but want to do a bit more (usually food-related, but there are a few focused on exercise). The plan challenges you to add a new habit each month,and by year-end, the accumulated effect will be a much healthier you.

Sign up anytime. Email to register.
Each month turn in your tracking forms to Human Resources to qualify for prizes!

2014 Monthly Challenges

October - Ease up on salt

November - Be portion aware

December - Eat mindfully, be thankful