Healthy Choices Approved List


                                   WELLNESS RETREAT


                                   ACTIVE COMMUTE WEEK TODAY LIVE!

                                   (may 14-18, 2012)


                                   ACTIVE COMMUTE WEEK RALLY STOP

                                                                      (may 18, 2012)




                                   12 STEPS MEETINGS


                                   ATHLETIC EVENTS (5K WALK/RUN,

                                   TRIATHALON, BIATHLON, MARATHON)


                                   TOBACCO CESSATION SERIES (ie:

                                   TOBACCO FREE FOR GOOD)


                                   CAMPUS REC GROUP FITNESS


                                   CAMPUS REC INTRAMURAL SPORT TEAM


                                   CHARITY WALK OR RUN


                                   CONSULTATION WITH A REGISTERED



                                   FACULTY AND STAFF GROUP FITNESS


                                   GVSU CAREER COACHING SERVICES


                                   GVSU FRUIT & VEGGIE CHALLENGE


                                   GVSU HEALTH & WELLNESS WORKSHOP

                                   - PHYSICAL ACTIVITY


                                   GVSU HEALTH & WELLNESS WORKSHOP

                                   - STRESS MANAGEMENT


                                   GVSU HEALTH & WELLNESS WORKSHOP

                                   - TOBACCO CESSATION


                                   GVSU HEALTH & WELLNESS WORKSHOP

                                   - WEIGHT MANAGEMENT


                                   HEALTH CONDITION MANAGEMENT


                                   WORKSHOPS AND SERVICES


                                   PREVENTIVE CARE


                                   RECREATIONAL SPORTS TEAM


                                   SCHOOLS OF HOPE


                                   SUMMERTIME STEPS! CHALLENGE


                                   TELEPHONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT

                                   (UMR MEMBERS ONLY)


                                   UMR ACTION PLANS


                                   UMR MATERNITY MANAGEMENT

                                   PROGRAM (UMR MEMBERS ONLY)


                                   UMR TELESEMINAR


                                   UTILIZATION OF ENCOMPASS

                                   EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM


                                   UTILIZATION OF UMR HEALTH COACH-

                                   ING SERVICES (UMR MEMBERS ONLY)


                                   WEBINAR OR ONLINE PRESENTATION

                                   HIGHLIGHTING STRESS MANAGEMENT


                                   WEBINAR OR ONLINE PRESENTATION

                                   HIGHLIGHTING TOBACCO CESSATION


                                   WEBINAR OR ONLINE PRESENTATION

                                   HIGHLIGHTING WEIGHT MANAGEMENT


                                   WEBINAR OR ONLINE PRESENTATION

                                   ON PHYSICAL ACTIVITY TOPICS


                                   WEIGHT WATCHERS MEETINGS; AT

                                   HOME COURSES OR ONLINE SERIES


                                   WHAT DADDIES DO BEST


                                   ACTIVE COMMUTE WEEK CHALLENGE


                                   FARMERS MARKET


                                   AGE AND GENDER APPROPRIATE



                                   AGE AND GENDER APPROPRIATE

                                   PREVENTIVE SCREENING


                                   ALZHEIMER'S SUPPORT GROUP


                                   ATTEND GVSU OR COMMUNITY

                                   FARMERS MARKET


                                   CHS FITNESS STAIRWELL


                                   EMOTIONAL HEALTH VIDEO


                                   FACULTY AND STAFF FIELDHOUSE TOUR


                                   FELXIBLE WORK ARRANGEMENTS


                                   FLU SHOT


                                   GET BUFF FOR BREAK


                                   GVSU ALZHEIMER'S DISCUSSION GROUP


                                   GVSU DIVORCE RECOVERY GROUP


                                   HEALTHY MONDAY CAMPAIGN


                                   I BIKE TO WORK!


                                   I PERFORM AEROBICS ON MY OWN A

                                   MINIMUM OF 3X PER WEEK


                                   I TOOK ADVANTAGE OF A FREE BLOOD

                                   PRESSURE SCREENING


                                   MINDFUL MONDAYS


                                   UMR NURSELINE UTILIZATION


                                   WORK PLACE OPTION RESOURCE

                                   REFERRAL SERVICE


                                   WORK PLACE OPTIONS/ENCOMPASS


                                   WORKING WITH A CERTIFIED PERSONAL


Page last modified June 1, 2012