Success Stories

Do you know a GVSU faculty or staff member who serves as a role model for others living a healthy lifestyle? Nominate your co worker for our next newsletter!

July 2015: Joshua Church

Joshua Church has worked as the web developer at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy in Grand Rapids for 10 years. In those years, he’s learned that staying healthy is most effective when done as a group. Read more

June 2015: Kay Hart

Though to many of us, the Farmers Market is just beginning, Kay Hart has been busy working all year to prepare. Before day one, Kay is busy soliciting new vendors, connecting with facilities about signage, and printing vouchers. She does all of this so the Farmers Market runs smoothly each week. Read more

May 2015: Sharalle Arnold

Director of Children’s Enrichment Center (CEC), Sharalle Arnold has made a commitment to herself and the children she works with to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Once a week during the summer, this year starting June 3, Health and Wellness gives the CEC ten dollars to spend at the Farmers Market. With this money, the CEC is able to give children an education about healthy foods. Read more

April 2015: Steven Nizielski

As an Associate Professor of Nutrition in Biomedical Sciences, Steven Nizielski makes it a priority to stay healthy, fit and happy. Over the course of his life, he has found that what works for him, is a balanced diet, exercise and an activity he loves. Steven is an avid cyclist and his passion for cycling stemmed from his childhood. At a young age, he would rather hop on his bike to go... Read more

March 2015: Casey Moomey

Casey Moomey, Facilities Services Custodian, made the decision to change his lifestyle in 2006. The journey began while he was working for an installation company. He was traveling a lot so he started watching what he ate and made the switch from pop to water. Within three months he had lost 80 pounds! Read more

February 2015: Heather Wallace

Heather Wallace, Assistant Professor in the Kirkhof College of Nursing, has been working at Grand Valley since Fall of 2011. Her work focus is with the longitudinal elderly initiative. As a mother of a 16-month old daughter, her personal and work lives keep her busy. She enjoys... Read more

January 2015: Sherry Barricklow

Dealing with the daily hardships of physical ailments, including plantar fasciitis and knee pain, Sherry Barricklow was led into an undesired sedentary lifestyle. She struggled with everyday tasks like walking or standing for long periods of time. However, Sherry was determined to get back to a healthier routine. Read more

December 2014: Nicole Greiner

Nicole Greiner, assistant manager at the University Book Store is a strong advocate for the Rooms for Nursing Mothers. After having her first daughter, Ava, in March, her experience of coming back to work while nursing has been phenomenal. Read more

November 2014: Cheryl Edwards-Cannon

Cheryl Edwards-Cannon, a Field Representative for the Charter Schools office at Grand Valley, focuses a large part of her week on providing support or volunteering with seniors at Clark Retirement.Read more

September 2014: Linda Masselink

Throughout the years, the GVSU community has demonstrated a commitment to serving our local community through its involvement with the United Way. Linda Masselink, a recent retiree of Grand Valley was one of the many faculty members who donated her time to making the community a better place...Read More

August 2014: Daniel Slaughter

Daniel Slaughter has been with Grand Valley since 2007 as an undergraduate student and now working as Senior Web Developer. He is currently busy working towards his Masters in Computer Information Systems ,however Dan feels maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must... Read More

July 2014: Paul Stephenson

Paul Stephenson has worked at Grand Valley State University in the Statistics department for 20 years and currently serves as Faculty Chair. Over the years Paul learned maintaining a healthy lifestyle is difficult... Read more

June 2014: Barbara Brower

Barbara Brower, library specialist at Grand Valley State University, has been utilizing the Field House pool for 25 years. Her love for exercising in the pool began with a water aerobics class that was offered years prior. She continues to exercise once a week in the water to stay active and in shape; but she has also found a new love, yoga...  Read more

May 2014: Alumni Relations 

The Alumni Relations staff is top notch when it comes to embracing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Chris Barbee, Kim Schmidt, Abigayle Sloan, Alexis Rangel, Sara Sabo and Krashawn McElveen all participate in work out classes, group activities, and the Fifth Third River Bank Run. About 66 alumni, students, faculty, and staff will run or walk with the Laker for a Lifetime at the River Bank Run this year. Read More...

April 2014: Ashley McCarter

What does your pre-work routine involve? Ashley McCarter, Human Resources Secretary, pulls herself out of bed every morning to start her workout routine at 5:30a.m. Ashley began working at GVSU six months ago. However, she is not new to our Laker family. She is a 2008 Grand Valley graduate and was born and raised in the Grand Rapids area. With a high prevalence of diabetes in her family and having witnessed her own father suffer from three major strokes, Ashley took control of her health and made exercise a priority. Read More...

March 2014: Eric Garvelink

Eric Garvelink, Club Sports Coordinator and Health & Wellness ambassador, has always had a passion for staying fit and playing a variety of sports. Eric continues to play pick-up basketball as well as intramural sports here at GVSU because he enjoys the competitiveness that sports offer along with the camaraderie that builds between the people who play. However, Eric has experienced several injuries and 4 knee surgeries that made even the average workout lead to tight, sore muscles. Read More...

February 2014: Connie Dang

For Connie Dang, Director of Multicultural Affairs, exercising and eating healthy is a daily routine. “If you’re eating and sleeping every day, then exercise should be a daily routine as well.” says Connie.  Between school, work, family, and community engagement, Connie juggles a busy lifestyle, yet she is always sure to exercise at least 5 mornings a week. “Exercising in the morning gives me the energy and endurance needed in the day, and helps me sleep better at night,” explains Connie. Read More...

January 2014: Pedometer Challenge Winners

The 2013 Pedometer Challenge is all about winning prizes with your team [and getting active of course]! This year's GVSU Pedometer Challenge teams participated in the "Competitive Challenge" and the "Team Goal Challenge" with ways to win prizes for both options. We are now proud to announce the 2013 winners: Read More...


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