Success Stories 2009

September 2009: Mary VanPopering
As Testing Services Coordinator for Disability Support Services, Mary VanPopering has a rewarding job. When it came time for Mary to need an extra hand, she contacted Encompass resource and referral service Work Place Options. They were there to answer the questions she had and help her sort through many different choices. Read more...

August 2009: David Cox
Facilities Services Safety Manager, has coordinated a variety of GVSU's environmental, health, and safety projects on campus over the past 10 years. His enthusiasm to stay active and fit helped develop Facilities Services bike program. This initiative continues to support the universitys goals of sustainability and to be the healthiest campus in Michigan. Facilities has many responsibilities campus wide. Getting across campus in a timely manner can be a challenge at times . Read more...

July 2009: Donna Markus
Donna Markus has been with the Grand Valley Community for over 31 years. She is currently with the Accounting Business Office. Donna was faced with a family crisis when her elderly father was involved in a vehicle accident due to his progressing dementia. She immediately needed to make arrangements. Read more...

June 2009: Santiago Zapato
Middle School Advisor for the Educational Talent Search / TRiO department, with GVSUs Pew Campus, Santiago Zapata, works with Grand Rapids Public School students in grades 6th - 8th to prepare them for college. His successful experience using Encompass has given him confidence in their services and encourages others to use this valuable resource.

May 2009: Dan Lopez
Officer with the Pew Campus Security for the past 4 years was determined to make permanent lifestyle changes. Dan was tired of feeling lethargic, dealing with achy joints, and the basic lack of energy for daily tasks. His weight loss journey and commitment to a healthy lifestyle began in the spring of 2007.

April 2009: Mark Rousseau
This Facilities/Services staff member has been participating in the fitness class Twice as Fit, 1/2 the Time, and has lost over 20 lbs, but his biggest reward is more energy!

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