Micah Childress, D-1-214 MAK, (616) 331-3540, childrem@gvsu.edu

Visiting Assistant Professor

Fields: Politics, popular culture in the United States; Spanish Borderlands

Degrees: B.A., Indiana Wesleyan University, 2005
                M.A., Purdue University, 2007
                Ph.D., Purdue University, 2011

Courses Taught:

HST 101 (World Civilizations)
HST 103 (American Civilizations)
HST 205 (American History to 1877)
HST 327 (U.S. Urban Society)

Dr. Childress's research focuses on culture, entertainment, and politics in the United States. His dissertation, completed in the summer of 2011, focuses on the circus in America from 1830-1920. The dissertation uses the circus as both a window into the tremendous changes in the nineteenth century as well as the early twentieth, and examines the circus as part of the cultural shifts that took place during that same time frame. As America's most patronized amusement in the nineteenth century, the circus provides an underexamined yet important lens through which to explore American history.

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