Sample Curriculum

First Year

HST 203 World History to 1500
HST 204 World History Since 1500
ENG/WRT 150 English Composition
MTH 110 Algebra
Three General Education Foundation courses
Two foreign language courses (BA candidates)
CS 150 Introduction to Computing and STA 215 Statistics (BS candidates)

Second Year

HST 205 American History to 1877
HST 206 American History Since 1877
HST 300 Writing History
Four General Education Foundation courses
HST 210 Empire, Culture, and Conflict
One elective (Teacher Certification Candidates)
One foreign language course (BA candidates)
SS 300 Research Methods in the Social Sciences (BS candidates)

Third Year

Three 300-level history courses
Five elective courses (Non Teachers)
SST 310 and four elective courses (Teacher Certification Candidates)
Two General Education Theme courses

Fourth Year

Three 300-level history courses
History 495 Varieties of History (Capstone)
One General Education Theme course
Six elective courses

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