Timothy J. Lombardo, Office:  MAK D-1-222, Telephone #(616) 331-8568, lombardt@gvsu.edu

Visiting Assistant Professor

B.A. Temple University, 2004
M.A. Temple University, 2007
Ph.D., Purdue University, 2013

Modern American History, American Urban History, Race, Class, and American Political Development

Courses Taught:

HST 101 (World Civilizations)
HST 103 (American Civilizations)
HST 203 (World Civilization to 1500)
HST 204 (World Civilization since 1500)
HST 205 (American History to 1877)
HST 206 (American History since 1877)

Recent Publications:
"The Battle of Whitman Park: Race, Class, and Public Housing in Philadelphia, 1956 - 1982," Journal of Social History (Winter 2013) 47 (2): 401 - 428.

with Brandon M. Ward, "More than Backlash: Rethinking Working-Class Politics and the Fall of the New Deal Order," Politics, Groups, and Identities (2014) Vol. 1, No. 2: 135 - 146.

"Making Urban Citizens: Civility and Civic Virtue in the Modern Metropolis," Journal of Urban History (forthcoming).

Timothy was born and raised in Philadelphia, where he lived most of his life before heading to the Midwest to complete his doctorate in American history at Purdue University. While at Purdue he completed a dissertation that combined his passion for his hometown with his scholarly interest in the intersection of modern American urban, social, and political history. He is now in the process of revising that dissertation for publication under the tentative title The Development of Blue-Collar Conservatism: Frank Rizzo's Philadelphia and the Politics of the Urban Crisis.

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