ANCHOR Community Council

Who are we?

ANCHOR consists of Alumni, Niemeyer, Calder, Hills, and Honors Residents. Anyone who fits into at least one of these categories is encouraged to join and become involved with what goes on in our community.

What do we do?

Our council meets once a week (for about an hour) to determine what we want to do as a community. We plan social events, academic gatherings, service projects, meetings with alumni, and so much more!

Come check it out!

ANCHOR Community Council meets every Tuesday at 9:00 PM. South Campus meets in Niemeyer 148 and North Campus meets in the Hills 2nd Floor Lounge.

If you have any questions, feel free to email our President.

Executive Board 2014-2015

President - Colleen Ferda

Community Director - Scott May

South Vice President - Jordan Pretto

South Academic Chair - Cassandra Diedrich

South Service Chair - Tyler Smith

South Community Chair - Karli Gormley

South Secretary - Rachel Travis

North Vice President - Kimmy Vu

North Academic Chair - VACANT

North Service Chair - Elizabeth Konen

North Community Chair - Jackie Akey

North Secretary - Emily Konen

For more information and updates, find us on:

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