FemaleSuite1 Grand Valley Housing

Apartment-style Living

Reserved for: First year students

Features: One open room (Frey, Hills, North C) or two bedrooms (North/West A & B), kitchenette, and private bathroom. Appliances include stove and refrigerator.

Furniture Included (1 per student): Bed (twin extra long), desk with organizer, three-drawer dresser, bookshelf, wardrobe.

Network Connectivity: Two connections per room

Meal Plan Required: $14+ meal plan is included in cost of housing. Students are not required to keep this plan and can choose to downgrade. Minimum meal plan required is $600.


2-Person Efficiency: Frey Living Center, Hills Honors Living Center, North C Living Center

2-Bedroom/2-Person Efficiency: North A & B Living Centers, West A & B Living Centers

Cost: Click for housing rate


Example of 2-Person Efficiency Apartment Style Layout

Approximate 2-Person Efficiency Dimensions (in feet):


6.67 x 7.17

Bedroom/Living Area

11.58 x 12.67


5.58 x 7.42

Example of 2-Bedroom/2-Person Efficiency Layout

Approximate 2-Bedroom/2-Person Efficiency Dimensions (in feet):

Kitchen/Dining Room

7.42  x 11.92

Bedrooms (2)

8.67 x 9.08


5.5 x 7.42

Note: Exact room dimensions and layout vary depending on building. Furnishings and finishes may vary as well. 

Office of Housing & Residence Life • 103 Student Services Building • Allendale MI 49401-9403
Phone (616) 331-2120 • housing@gvsu.edu