Early/Late Arrival

Early/Late Arrival Information

Students are expected to arrive on their scheduled move-in date.

There are no Helping Hands volunteers available to assist you if you arrive before or after your scheduled move in date and time.

We strongly encourage you to make every effort to arrive on your assigned move in date.

Early/Late Arrival Considerations

  • The cost for an Early Arrival is $30 per day. Unless prior arrangements have been made with a coach, supervisor, advisor, etc. that charge will be billed directly to the student's account in September.
  • Early Arrival requests must be submitted by Sunday, August 10. Requests made after this date are not guaranteed and subject to a fee.
  • Campus Dining Meal Plans become active on Monday, August 18.
  • Early Arrival requests are granted per student, not per room. Each roommate must make an individual request for an Early Arrival. There are no guests (including other roommates not approved for Early Arrival) allowed in campus housing buildings prior to the scheduled move-in date.
  • Check-in instructions will be sent via your GVSU student email account. Check-in times and location vary by date of arrival.
  • Upon arrival you will receive additional instructions regarding required procedures and floor meetings.
  • To cancel your early or late arrival request, please email reslife@gvsu.edu with your name and G number.

Requesting an Early/Late Arrival:

NOTE: OUR EARLY ARRIVAL PROCESS IS CLOSED. Please plan to arrive on your scheduled Move-In date. If you have any questions, please e-mail reslife@gvsu.edu. For requests on or after August 8, please allow up to three business days for a response. Please note that requests are not guaranteed and those asking for arrival within a three day window may come back denied. Residents arriving early without approval will be billed a $75 improper check-in charge plus $30 per day.

  1. Login to your myBanner account

  2. Click on the Student tab

  3. Click on the MyHousing tab

  4. Select the MyHousing Overview system to login.

  5. On the left hand side, underneath the navigation links, select late arrival or early arrival.

  6. Complete the form and submit