Human Resources

Title: Student Life Assistant
Classification: C4
Department: Student Life Office

Job Summary:  (Short summary of job duties - 1 to 2 sentences)

Coordinates and provides support for student organizations and the Student Life Office.

Primary Duties & Global Responsibilities: 

(Must be able to perform these duties; usually consist of more than 5% of your job.)

Coordinates and oversees the Student Organization Administration System web based registration and budget system for student organizations.  Assists student organization leaders with their individual training and customer service to utilize this software system.  This system is integrated with the department web site, the on-line voting system, and the on-line conference registration system.  Assists student leaders with student organization e-mail accounts, blackboard accounts, and student organization web site development.

Coordinates and oversees the University Events Calendar which is web based. Training is coordinated for administrative staff having direct access to the calendar. Monitors and approves event requests for the calendar. Assists in development of custom software applications for the calendar. Works closely with Institutional Marketing in the coordination of calendar development.

Responsible for monitoring departmental financial record system, reviews department budget reports and reconciles the reports with the department offices records. There are 170 accounts that are departmental and student organization operational. Reviews budgetary records by performing bookkeeping related duties such as reconciling, monitoring, making, and tracking expenditures, investigates billings, preparing budget statements regarding the status of accounts, making recommendations as to projected budgets.

Coordinates and reviews requests from student organizations and approves expenditures according to allocated funding. There are 134 student organization accounts that have an expenditure total of $800,000 per year. This position coordinates all the support services for student organizations for the expenditure of this funding. Utilizes the on-line purchasing system with maximum signature authority status.

Responsible for specific projects/programs as assigned by the Director, Associate Director, or Assistant Directors which may involve planning and coordinating work, analyzing data, preparing reports, making recommendations and other duties associated with the successful completion of a project/program.

Processes the work orders for department staff and student organizations for food services and media services, and facility services.

Coordinates student staffing for the Student Life reception desk and Student Organization Center, maintains quality customer services, staff supervision, and provides training support services.

Coordinates meetings and records for the Student Organization Review Board.

Coordinates the contract process for sport club program coaches. Prepare appointment letters for Dean and coordinates travel and budget needs for sport club coaches. Coordinates memberships, conferences, fees, travel supplies, contracts, hotel, equipment rental, referee payments for sports club programs.

Participates in department planning activities and assists with the development of department goals and objectives.

Maintains and compiles and logically formats statistical data and reports.

Coordinate clerical duties for employment search processes for department AP staff searches.

Provides support to the Student Life Office, including scheduling and managing calendars for Director, Associate Director, and three Assistant Directors.

Provides administrative assistance and staffing support for commencements.

Coordinates extensive travel arrangements for student organizations.

Coordinates the registrations and payment process for Alternative Spring Break Transitions Orientation Program, Greek Leadership Conference, Greek Week, and the Leadership Summit.

Attends all major office and unit events.

Minimum Required Qualifications:

High school graduate.

Minimum of four years of work experience.  Related college course work may be considered in lieu of some of the experience requirement.

Demonstrated experience to successfully work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Demonstrated experience to successfully maintain positive interpersonal relationships.

Demonstrated experience to successfully operate office equipment.

Demonstrated experience to successfully provide quality customer service.

Demonstrated experience to successfully maintain satisfactory work performance and                      attendance records.

Demonstrated experience to successfully handle multiple demands efficiently.

Demonstrated experience in a supervisory capacity.

Possess strong verbal and written communication skills.

Demonstrated experience to successfully use various computer software applications.

Demonstrated experience to successfully work independently, organize own work and coordinate work activities of others.

Demonstrated experience to successfully perform mathematical calculations with speed and accuracy.

Desired Qualifications:  (Preferred in addition to required qualifications.)

Bachelor`s degree.

Higher education work experience.

Supervision Received:  (Who provides supervision?)

Supervised by a designated supervisor, but is expected to work independently and apply appropriate policies and procedures with the assigned area of responsibility.

Supervision Exercised:  (Whom do you supervise?)

Hire, train, schedule and coordinate the work of student employees and may act as lead worker to other COT staff members within the department/unit/division.  May participate in personnel decisions such as hiring, terminating, disciplining and evaluating of COTs, but is not the decision maker.

Revised Date: August 2004 For questions regarding employment, email Human Resources Employment Information. TDD Callers: Call Michigan Relay Center 1-800-649-3777.