Human Resources

Title: Multicultural Affairs Assistant
Classification: C4
Department: Multicultural Affairs, Office of

Job Summary:
Serves as general assistant to the Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, performing non-routine functions, which substantially contribute to the overall operational responsibilities of the office.
Primary Duties & Global Responsibilities: (Must be able to perform these duties; usually consist of more than 5% of your job.)
  • Serves as a lead COT accountable for the overall operational responsibilities of the office. Organizes, prioritizes and delegates office support staff workloads.
  • Performs administrative work of a confidential nature for the Director.
  • Maintains and analyzes set of complex budgetary records by performing bookkeeping related duties such as reconciling, monitoring, making and tracking expenditures, preparing account statements and providing budget balances and updates.
  • Monitors departmental financial records system, reviews budget reports and reconciles the reports with the department/offices records.
  • Provides support to the Office of Multicultural Affairs, including scheduling and managing of calendars and correspondence, coordinating and carrying out projects, programs, activities and events.
  • Disseminates information that may require explanation and interpretation of university and departmental policies and procedures, and directs individuals to sources of additional information.
  • Assists with the collection of data, prepares reports requiring tabulation, compilation, manipulation of data and narrative explanation for the office’s annual assessment, self-study report and other programs.
  • Compiles and produces statistical data and reports required for various grant funded programs and provides administrative support regarding all aspects of planning and implementation of these programs.
  • Works with internal and external constituencies in preparing meeting materials, minutes, programs, updates and other support functions related to the office.
  • Assists faculty, staff and students with administrative problems or concerns.
  • Coordinates employment search processes.
  • Develops and oversees all database systems.
  • Edits and proofreads all correspondence, reports and materials for publication.
  • Other related duties as assigned.
Minimum Required Qualifications:
  • High school graduate.
  • Minimum of four years related experience and/or equivalent college course work may be considered.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully maintain positive interpersonal relationships.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully operate office equipment.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully provide quality customer service.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully maintain satisfactory work performance and attendance records.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully handle multiple priorities.
  • Demonstrated experience in a supervisory capacity.
  • Possesses strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully use various computer software applications.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully work independently, organize own work and coordinate work activities of others.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully perform mathematical calculations with speed and accuracy.
Desired Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Higher education work experience.
  • Supervisory experience.
  • Experience with mainframe and various computer software applications.
Supervision Received:
Receives minimal supervision, much of the work is self-initiated.   Person is expected to function with considerable independence given assigned responsibilities and projects.
Supervision Exercised:
May act as lead worker to other Clerical Office Technical staff members within the department/unit/division. 

Revised Date: October 2010 For questions regarding employment, email Human Resources Employment Information. TDD Callers: Call Michigan Relay Center 1-800-649-3777.