Human Resources

Title: Records Assistant
Classification: C3
Department: Records/Registration

Job Summary:
Provides customer service and support for a variety of functions within the Student Assistance Center.

Primary Duties & Global Responsibilities:

  • Assists students on the phone and in person.
  • Provides information and completes transactions as required by students.
  • Works at the service counter - answers questions, receives and provides paperwork for responding to customer needs and performs typical administrative functions such as registering students, cashiering operations, providing admissions information, producing transcripts, etc.
  • Interprets regulations and procedures and responds appropriately.
  • Uses information provided by computerized reporting to monitor and maintain the quality and accuracy of data.
  • Registers students.
  • Supervise student employees.
  • Other related duties as assigned.

Secondary Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Serves on the Customer Service Panel.
  • Works at registration events.
  • Works at commencement.
  • Assists other units within the Student Assistance Center during high demand times.


  • Updates student records with information pertinent to graduation requirements throughout the student's career.
  • Sends documents to advisors for graduation audits, reviews information, updates records, determines if student has met graduation requirements, prepares appropriate paperwork, communicates with students regarding their progress toward graduation.
  • Performs transfer credit evaluations and updates the student record in response to those evaluations.
  • Gathers information required for teacher certification, determines whether conditions have been met, prepares paperwork for the State
  • Department of Education.


  • Monitors the accuracy of semester grading, processes repeat grades, determines the accuracy of academic standing, determines completeness of grade production, mails grade reports and academic letters, and distributes grading reports to appropriate administrative offices.
  • Maintains and updates student records - grades, addresses, name changes and other bio-demographic information.
  • Produces official transcripts.
  • Processes and maintains international documents and documents related to the Study Abroad Program.
  • Verifies attendance for outside agencies.
  • Establishes and maintains permanent student files.
  • Works with Veterans to fulfill necessary reporting requirements to the Department of Veteran's Affairs.

Application Processing

  • Processes, monitors and maintains admission applications from beginning to end.
  • Transfer equivalencies, high school core completion, application decisions, various calculations, purge, inactive files.
  • Prepares and mails appropriate correspondence to applicants.
  • Extensive data entry.


  • Handles registration concerns.
  • Performs the duties of head cashier on a rotating basis.
  • Duties include monitoring the distribution of money trays, assisting staff with money transactions and balancing procedures, balancing the day's money and receipts, preparing the daily bank deposits and necessary reports.
  • Monitors the supplies used in the cashiering process.
  • Manages the cash needs of the cashiering unit by recommending changes in the cash reserve.
  • Collects and counts coin for deposit for the University.


  • Handles registration concerns.
  • Maintains and updates course schedule information.
  • Works closely with other departments to coordinate accurate course scheduling and room scheduling needs.
  • Serves as a primary person at registration events.
  • Processes major declaration forms.
  • Assists in the distribution and collection of both midterm and final semester grade sheets.
  • Assists in the grade clean-up procedures required before student grade mailers are produced.
  • Assists with the daily preparation of course summary reports and schedule confirmations for campus distribution and mailings.

Minimum Required Qualifications:

  • High School graduate.
  • Minimum of three years related experience and/or relevant training.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully maintain positive interpersonal relationships.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully operate office equipment.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully provide quality customer service.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully maintain satisfactory work performance and attendance records.
  • Possess strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully perform keyboard proficiency.
  • Demonstrated experience to successfully work independently, organize own work and coordinate work activities of others.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Some college course work.
  • Higher education experience.
  • Supervisory experience.

Supervision Received:
Receives general instruction from a designated supervisor, but is generally expected to work independently.

Supervision Exercised:
Hire, train, supervise, schedule and coordinate the work of student employees and may act as lead worker to other COT staff members within the department/unit/division. May participate in personnel decisions such as hiring, terminating, disciplining and evaluating of COTs, but is not the decision maker.

Revised Date: September 1997 For questions regarding employment, email Human Resources Employment Information. TDD Callers: Call Michigan Relay Center 1-800-649-3777.