Human Resources

Title: Seidman Financial Planning Program Assistant
Classification: C4
Department: Philanthropy

Job Summary: (Short summary of job duties - 1 to 2 sentences)

Provides general assistance to the Director of the Seidman Financial Planning Program performing many non-routine office functions that will substantially contribute to the Programs objectives.

Primary Duties & Global Responsibilities:


(Must be able to perform these duties; usually consist of more than 5% of your job.)


· Working with the Director to plan and implement marketing strategies which includes (but is not limited to):

- Designing, updating, and maintaining Program website

- Researching and analyzing data, and producing reports to identify prospective student target groups.

- Collecting, recording, and analyzing demographic information about current students.

- Researching and analyzing data, and producing reports about competing financial planning programs and making recommendations to the Director related to effective marketing strategies.

- Obtaining (including calling on the phone if necessary) and recording student prospect contact information in a database and updating on a continuous basis.

- Exploring and researching other possible marketing targets such as:

Other universities in Michigan with Finance programs to promote the Program to their Finance majors.

Corporate executives and managers in finance institutions to encourage them to promote the Program to their employees.

 Competing CFP Board registered programs to promote the CFP® Certification Examination Review Course.

 Professionals (i.e., CPAs, CFAs, CLUs, Ph.D.s, and licensed attorneys) who can take the CFP® Certification Examination on a challenge basis.

- Establishing contacts with key personnel in corporate finance institutions to schedule meetings with and/or presentations by the Program Director.

- Coordinating bulk mailings including designing material, arranging printing, and sorting and processing mail (or contracting it out).

- Planning, scheduling, organizing, assembling material for, and attending "open house" and other events to promote the Program.

- Designing and producing marketing brochures and other printed material.

- Insuring compliance with GVSU Institutional Marketing rules, Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board) trademark regulations, and requirements of the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Services (OFIS) regarding marketing of the Program.

- Providing quality customer service to encourage referrals to the Program by responding to inquiries about the Program in a detailed, informative, and helpful way and providing courteous assistance to current students.

· Performing all the tasks involved in admitting students into the Program and enrolling them in classes including (but not limited to):

- Updating registration form each semester and posting it on the Program website.

- Preparing and mailing out student records and registration forms to current students who have not yet completed the program.

- Reviewing registration forms and documents and determining whether prospect meets Program requirements.

- Referring students who want to transfer courses into the Program or prospects who dont meet the Program requirements to the Director.

- Registering students for classes.

- Determining students need for continuing education credits and recording in database.

- Entering enrollment information in the Program database (Microsoft Access).

- Preparing and sending enrollment confirmations to students.

- Monitoring and analyzing enrollment data and creating enrollment projection reports.

· Designing and implementing procedures for maintaining required records and performing tasks related to records including (but not limited to):

- Assisting the Director in planning class schedules.

- Enter class information in the Program database (Microsoft Access).

- Maintaining detailed records of previous class schedules and class rosters.

- Determining availability of and reserving classrooms for scheduled classes.

- Collecting and recording student grades.

- Determining program completion status for each student.

- Preparing and sending grade reports and completion certificates to students.

- Submitting continuing education credits for students with insurance licenses (using EasyBank software) to Promissor, an agency that processes CE credits for the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Service.

- Keeping detailed and well organized continuing education records for current and previous students.

- Following up on submission of continuing education credits to Promissor to assure that the credits were banked accurately and on a timely basis and contacting the appropriate personnel if errors were made.

- Submitting lists of graduates electronically by sending a spreadsheet in the required format via email to the CFP Board.

- Maintaining detailed and well organized student files for all current and previous students.

- Maintaining detailed and well organized faculty files for all current and previous faculty.

- Maintaining detailed and well organized course files for all current and previous classes.

· Providing assistance to the Director in the area of finances and budget analysis and projections by following appropriate procedures, maintaining accurate financial records, collecting and analyzing data, and providing budget reports and recommendations to the Director. This includes (but is not limited to) the following:

- Preparing invoices and applying waivers and credits when appropriate.

- Receiving and recording payments.

- Processing tuition refunds.

- Preparing and sending receipts.

- Collecting overdue tuition payments by contacting students via phone, email, or postal mail.

- Depositing credit card, check, and cash payments.

- Keeping detailed and accurate records of all financial transactions.

- Authorizing payment of invoices.

- Reconciling budget account for the Program.

- Analyzing financial data and preparing reports showing changes in revenues, changes in expenses, profit for each year, break-even cost of each class, and other reports as needed.

- Working with case workers at institutions that provide financial aid to some students enrolled in the Program and following their required procedures for processing contracts and invoicing to assure proper receipt of payments for the students.

- Exploring and researching financial aid opportunities for students in the Program.

· Providing assistance to the Director in the development of new courses, making changes to existing ones, and complying with requirements to register courses with appropriate agencies as follows (but not limited to):

- Monitoring changes in rules and regulations at GVSU, Seidman College of Business, the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board), the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Services (OFIS), and other relevant institutions regarding curriculum and programs, and informing the Director to assure compliance.

- Working with the Director in gathering all the material and filling out the required forms to submit courses to the CFP Board, OFIS, and other relevant institutions to renew the Programs provider status every two or three years and/or to submit changes as required.

· Coordinating procedures related to faculty by doing (but not limited to) the following:

- Documenting faculty credentials by obtaining appropriate documents such as a VITA, transcript, and other appropriate documents as required.

- Entering and maintaining faculty contact information in the Program database (Microsoft Access).

- Requesting contract letters from the Seidman Deans Office.

- Informing new faculty about Payroll and Human Resources Office requirements and providing assistance as needed.

- Assembling and providing orientation material to new faculty.

- Preparing class rosters and attendance sheets and providing them to instructors.

- Ordering textbooks for classes and requesting desk copies for faculty.

- Assisting faculty with copying requirements for course materials.

- Preparing course evaluation packets to be used by students to evaluate courses and instructors.

- Recording course evaluations scores and comments and distributing to faculty and Director.

Minimum Required Qualifications:


High school graduate.


Minimum of four years of work experience. Related college course work may be considered in lieu of some of the experience requirement.


Demonstrated experience to successfully work under pressure and meet deadlines.


Demonstrated experience to successfully maintain positive interpersonal relationships.


Demonstrated experience to successfully operate office equipment.


Demonstrated experience to successfully provide quality customer service.


Demonstrated experience to successfully maintain satisfactory work performance and attendance records.


Possess strong verbal and written communication skills.


Demonstrated experience to successfully handle multiple demands efficiently.


Demonstrated experience in a supervisory capacity.


Grammar and spelling competency.


Demonstrated experience to successfully use various computer software applications.


Demonstrated successful experience in meeting the needs and requests of diverse offices, constituency groups and individuals.


Ability to interact in a confidential manner with internal and external constituents.


Ability to handle complex financial arrangements with individuals both internal and external to the organization.


Must be willing to work some evenings and weekends, and be on call to report to work as needed.


Must be able to travel in state as well as out-state.

Must have excellent understanding of mainframe integrated software.

Must have own transportation.

Demonstrated experience in the setup, maintenance, and monitoring of multiple budgets.

Desired Qualifications: (Preferred in addition to required qualifications.)


Higher education work experience.


Experience with mainframe applications.


Revised Date: September 2006 For questions regarding employment, email Human Resources Employment Information. TDD Callers: Call Michigan Relay Center 1-800-649-3777.