IRBNet Forms & Documents Logo is a web based document management system. All GVSU research projects that require Human Research Review Committee (HRRC) approval must be submitted and stored on this system. Below are two sets of documents that you will need as you prepare to submit a research study for approval. These forms and instructions are also available in the IRBNet system in the FORMS LIBRARY on drop down menus. Any document may be downloaded and saved on a hard drive or removable storage device.

You must register on IRBNet and provide a valid e-mail address. Due to vulnerability and software interface needs, we recommend using a GVSU e-mail address rather than a commercial e-mail address. To register, go to:

DO NOT USE THE DEMO VIDEO there. It is a marketing tool, not helpful for registering.

STUDENTS: If you are unsure of whether your planned research project requires HRRC approval, complete the Checklist for Student Protocol Submission (#1 in the Forms box below). Take your results to your research advisor who will help you determine if HRRC approval is necessary.

For new protocols, two actions are required. The first is completed by the researcher, the second is completed by the authorizing official. See the appropriate instructions in the Instructions for Submitting Materials box.

  1. Submitting a NEW protocol study. Note: must include
    1. Application for New Protocol Review
    2. Supplemental Study Materials
  2. Signing (Authorizing/Approving) a study.

Additional forms also may be required depending on the nature of the research study. For questions, call (616-331-3197) or e-mail ( the HRRC office.

After closing (completing) your study, you must complete the Closed Protocol Reporting Form. The protocol reporting form is a quick and easy way for the HRRC to collect required information from investigators about characteristics of their study. To complete the form, you will need the data from your study, including participant demographics.

Closed Protocol Reporting Form:

After submitting the Closed Protocol form online, please follow the instructions below (#7 - Closing a Research Study) to upload the form content to IRBNet.

IRBNet Home Page (and login)

Instructions for Submitting Materials on IRBNet Revision
0 Read This First 01/20/10
1 Submitting a New Protocol 01/20/10
2 Editing a Study Package after Submission 01/20/10
3 Signing a Research Protocol 01/20/10
4 Revising a Tabled Study 01/20/10
5 Change in Approved Protocol 01/20/10
6 Continuing Review 01/20/10
7 Closing a Protocol 01/20/10
8 Unanticipated Problem/Serious Adverse Event 01/20/10
9 Guidance for Constructing an Informed Consent Document 03/10/10


IRBNet Forms Revision
1 Application for New Protocol Review 01/20/10
2 Change in Approved Protocol Form 01/20/10
3 Checklist Exempt Protocol 01/20/10
4 Checklist Expedited and Full Board Protocols 01/20/10
5 Checklist Student Research 01/20/10
6 Closed Protocol reporting form 10/01/14
7 Continuing Review Application Form 08/24/11
8 Exempt and Expedited Review Categories 01/20/10
9 GRPS Research Request Form 01/20/10
10 HIPAA Authorization Disclose PHI 01/20/10
11 HIPAA Authorization Future Recruitment 01/20/10
12 HIPAA Authorization Future Research Use 01/20/10
13 HIPAA Data Use Agreement 01/20/10
14 Individual Investigator Agreement Form (For non-GVSU students/staff) 01/20/10
15 Unanticipated Problem/Serious Adverse Event Reporting Form 01/20/10
16 GVSU Technology Statement. E-Survey Disclaimer 01/20/10



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