Logo / Identity Guide

Who can use Grand Valley's logo?

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff members are allowed to use the logo in print or online for university-related projects. All uses are subject to the standards listed on this site. Contact Institutional Marketing at (616) 331-2525 with any questions.

Individual Students and Alumni

Students and alumni are not allowed to use the logo and other trademarks for individual projects. This includes, but is not limited to, class projects, websites, resumes, or conference and presentation materials. Approval may be given by Institutional Marketing in special circumstances. Email identity@gvsu.edu or call (616) 331-2525 for logo usage permission.

The logo should not be displayed on personal websites, fliers, resumes, apparel, or any other material without prior approval.

Registered Student Organizations

RSOs using the university logo or images for any materials must follow the identity standards and get approval through Institutional Marketing; this includes organization websites, event sponsorships, and fundraising materials. Refer to the RSO Handbook (www.gvsu.edu/rsohandbook) regarding guidelines for on-campus fundraising and event promotion. For logo approval contact Institutional Marketing at identity@gvsu.edu or (616) 331-2525.

Social Media Users

The use of Grand Valley logos as avatars on social media sites is reserved for use on official university sites and should not be used by individuals. Photography that represents the university in a positive light (see photography section) is acceptable and recommended if individuals wish to be represented on such sites by a Grand Valley image. See the social media section of this site for more information or go to www.gvsu.edu/socialmedia/.

Vendors Registered with Licensing Resource Group

Outside printers and vendors must register with Licensing Resource Group (LRG) before using any Grand Valley logo or trademarked phrase. They must also review and adhere to the guidelines for using the logo correctly.


Page last modified October 1, 2013