Division of Inclusion and Equity

Reported Bias Incidents Summary

Date: August 18, 2014

Reported Biased Incidents Summary

Winter Semester 2014

There were 35 bias incidents reported to the Dean of Students Office during the winter semester 2014. We had two incidents where multiple reports were submitted (9 for one, and 3 for the other). Twenty-one incidents occurred on the Allendale campus.  Three incidents occurred on the Pew campus. Nine incidents occurred in academic buildings/classroom/laboratory space. Three incidents occurred in dining space. Seven incidents occurred in living centers.  Reports included 11 incidents regarding LGBT, 9 incidents regarding ethnicity/race, 2 incidents regarding religion, 4 incidents regarding gender, and 2 incidents regarding disability. All reported incidents were reviewed and action was taken with individuals identified as making biased comments and support provided to victim(s) and/or the reporting individuals (where this was known). Examples of follow-up include discussions with students, faculty, and staff and/or educational programming with departments.

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